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  1. faheem13

    نیا پاکستان اب تک کیوں نہیں بنا؟

    The moment anyone can explain Patwairri or Jiyala logic like this............I will leave PTI
  2. faheem13

    Malik Riaz daughter poured kerosene oil and threatened to kill Uzma khan

    Correct me if I am wrong but, it does take 2 (at least) people to have sex, right? So even if she is one, there is still that guy who used her. I have not yet seen anyone complain of that man being a ^&^** that he is and that includes his own damn wife. His wife: the woman that he, allegedly...
  3. faheem13

    Your feedback required for the new main page

    Well here are my 2 cents I have been here for over a decade but since the last layout change, my visits have dropped massively because of 2 reasons: 1. There are always at least 3 (or even more sometimes) video ads auto-playing on every single page, and clicking to stop each one is really...
  4. faheem13

    But Why?

    Even with the amount of brain I posses, you Sir, are an idiot of the highest order
  5. faheem13

    Do Arabs have a conscious?

    Look. As some one who has lived there for years and also in humane countries around the world. I often make a statement about these middle eastern Arabs and a lot of people mind it, but most agree with it. "These Arabs are the most racist people in the world, Period" Have absolutely zero care...
  6. faheem13

    Dr Shahid Masood coming back with vengeance? Badmashia ab hogi poori DHABARDOOS!

    Didn't he take time off for "medical reasons" from last channel And he has been off and away for like 10 days He is such a gigantic dramay baaz
  7. faheem13

    Nawaz Sharif Ke Dimagh Ko Pora Khoon Nahi Pahunch Raha - Medical Report

    بد خصلت کا پیٹ اتنا بڑا ہے، خون گھوم گھوم کے تھک جاتا ہے
  8. faheem13

    رؤف کلاسرا اور ڈیسنٹ گدھا

    I listened to that show for the first 10 minute when the King Klasra was talking about this project and he started with "KP Govt nay aik rupiah bhi apnay pallay say nahi lagaya, aur saara bojh awam pay daal diya hay................." and exactly minutes later he was saying " 600 million...
  9. faheem13

    30 years ago it was one of the poorest countries in the world

    Nearly every single country around has gone ahead. Pakistan still seems to over a 100 to 150 years behind the rest of the modern world. Honestly, as some one who visited here after a decade, it still felt like the same 80s and 90s decade third world country and in fact, it felt far worse than...
  10. faheem13

    Dr Shahid Masood sent on five-day physical remand

    show him his own programs non-stop at full volume for 24 hours straight. Pagal kuttay ho kay khud such bolna shuru kar day ga guaranteed 100%
  11. faheem13

    London flats were bought through Qatari investments, Sharif family tells SC

    when he is going to deny hussain nawaz.......................wo tau mera bacha hee nahi
  12. faheem13

    ریحام خان اور عائشہ گلالئی کے تانے بانے

    Please somebody pass on this idea to Reham Jee....... This would be great for her book and also the patwaries will accept it too
  13. faheem13

    Aamir Liaquat PTI Mein Rahenge Ya Nahi?

    this bitch was in there for like five days............. Now we will hear about the ziyaaddaties to his maan behn for like another 10 years that he endured in PTI
  14. faheem13

    My city Lahore, Allama Iqbal Intl. Airport

    my city but left it two decades ago and haven't even visited for 4 years. miss it a lot though but always sad whenever i have been there as we need social development, infrastructure for basic facilities and cleanliness. That is all. With the fuckin insane amount that these bloody ganja...
  15. faheem13

    "We Will not even go to paradise with Nawaz Shariif" - Asif Zardari

    Not to worry. None of you is going there anyway
  16. faheem13

    Atta ul Haq Qasmi is a fraud on the name of journalism!- Mubashir Luqman

    No doubt that he is a drunk abusive liar............. However, I have only one minor observation about this story which is the unbelievable amount of money spent on viagra. I mean surely, it must be like a gang of dirty old men. Otherwise for one human to consume so much and even worse, the...
  17. faheem13

    Should Mohammad Amir Get an Another Chance ? Aftab Iqbal Response

    Re: Should Mohammad Amir Get an Another Chance ? Aftab Iqbal Response! I don't get one thing about my countrymen & women..... In a country which has produced Zardari and Sharif a-holes,,,,,,,how can anyone have a problem with a 19 year kid, who after admitting and fully serving a massively...
  18. faheem13

    Famous Religious Scholar Dr.Amir Liauqat Hussain talks about Mehwish Hayat's lips

    Re: Dr.Amir Liauqat Hussain talks about Mehwish Hayat's lips Can you stop with this nonsensical waa-hayaati of posting 48 clips of 30 seconds each in 50 threads from one show, please? If anyone really loves this guy, they would watch the whole damn show. Besides what is your fascination with...