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    Compare Noor Mukaddam's case with that of Gabby Petito

    Mainstream media is giving regular coverage to the gruesome murder of Noor Mukaddam and consequent trial. She was daughter of a former diplomat who has got connections and contacts with influential higher ups. Now let's see another girl who got murdered in United States of America the same...
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    The person who issued rape threats to Virat Kohli's daughter is an IITian

    Rape Threat to Virat Kohli's 9-Month-Old Daughter: Where Do Trolls Draw a Line? Making of a Right-Wing Troll: Why an IIT Grad Sent Rape Threat to Kohli's Baby Kindly look at his background and upbringing that he received at home. Pretty much ruined his career
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    Ghost soldiers in Afghanistan by The Lallantop

    Duniyadari Episode 432. In this episode, Saurabh Dwivedi talks about Afghanistan's ex-finance minister Khalid Payenda's interview about the situation just before the Taliban captured Kabul. Payenda said that there was so much corruption in the military that commanders were taking the salaries...
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    Indian comedian Rajeev Nigam's thought provoking take on #IndvsPak match

    Here's what he said before the cricket match And this is after the match To be honest I find him a sane and rational person in both the videos. No jingoism or bragging like Mauka Mauka ads, or disrespectful remarks against Pakistan as a nation . He will definitely support his team but here...
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    Will MQM-P,PTI and PML-N come together for stranded Pakistanis in BD?

    Not sure if Javaid Hashmi has got any hidden agenda. However despite belonging to South Punjab or Seraiki belt, he has at least shown concern for stranded Pakistanis (Biharis) that continue to languish in camps of Bangladesh for almost 50 years now. Why can't political parties of Pakistan shun...
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    Bhagat Ram reacts towards Fall of Kabul and Neeraj Chopra (FUNNY)

    Hilarious commentary by this Indian artist who mocks hardcore / blind supporters of Narendra Modi through this fictional character named Bhagat Ram. Here he tells how Narinder Modi can destroy Taliban regime by.......Just Hugging. ------------------------- Here he calls Indian athlete Neeraj...
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    Afghanistan - A graveyard or vassal of empires?

    Afghanistan - A graveyard or vassal of empires? افغانستان: سلطنتوں کا قبرستان یا غلام؟ تاریخ جانیے You have often heard that Afghanistan has not been conquered by anyone and it has been a graveyard of empires. Whoever attacked him perished. Etc. etc. Let's take a dip in history and find out...
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    My mother got robbed at gunpoint in Pakistan this past Sunday

    Assalam-u-Alikum Everyone, I thought about sharing an incident with all of you. We live in Canada and my mother is currently in Karachi , Pakistan for some work. There she witnessed how the mega metropolitan has actually tuned into Kachrachi . Many of its neighborhoods are being mismanaged and...
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    Bangladesh security forces ‘colluding with criminal network’

    Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has uncovered a criminal network colluding with the security forces of Bangladesh which is profiting from powerful links with the country’s prime minister. Our investigation found evidence that General Aziz Ahmed, head of the Bangladesh Army, helped criminals to...
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    Indian Military is now politicized - Pravin Sawhney

    In English In Hindi/Urdu
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    A response to Javed Akhtar about translation of The Holy Quran in Sindhi

    Watch it from 28:29 - 29:50 Here, famous Bollywood lyricist or poet Javed Akhtar says that translation of The Holy Quran was done in Sindhi language, 700 years prior to when it was done in Urdu for the very first time. We all are aware of Akhtar claiming to be a secularist, atheist and...
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    Racism and Feudal culture in Sindh province based on historical footsteps

    We have always been noticing little tolerance on behalf of Pakistan People's Party as well as Sindhi nationalists , whenever there's any talk about creating any new province out of Sindh. The gap between Urban and Rural population masses has widened for last 5 decades. Now many residents of...
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    How stand of Indian Liberals may backfire in Munawar Faruqui incident

    A quick search about #MunawarFaruqui on social media may easily let you know about how this Muslim stand-up comedian in India ended up in trouble. He has been arrested immediately after performing in Indore, M.P. on charges of hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. Several liberals ,leftists...
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    Exposing the hateful mentality of Hindu Forum Canada

    Here I would like to highlight how various Modibhakts or proponents of Hindutva ideology can't reform themselves or thinking despite living in multicultural environment of Canada Watch the following two clips from TAG TV Demonstration outside Pakistani consulate (thinking it'll change...
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    Relationship with Urdu vs Statement by Mahmood Khan Achakzai

    In the last few days Mahmood Khan Achakzai of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party has once again stirred controversy by saying that Urdu language is just a lingua franca not a language of anywhere in Pakistan. On top of that he said so during PDM Jalsa in Karachi. In reaction, Achakzai was showered...
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    Debunking Myth of Sindh Dharti Ma (by Dr. Nadeem Rizvi)

    Here Dr. Nadeem Rizvi who runs a page titled Matruka Sindh exposes propaganda of Sindhi nationalists . Myth of their 5000 year old civilization plus Ajrak and Topi needs to get busted Sapta Sindhu Altaf Hussain, the Trojan horse of G.M. Syed and Sindhudesh Movement Where is Ajrak or...
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    So Imran Khan has destroyed PIA and Aviation industry? Let's have a look!!

    Some blast from the past Flying Feckless in Karachi By Bina Shah Nov. 18, 2014 KARACHI, Pakistan — It was a scene out of a cinema farce. Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK-370 was scheduled to take off from Karachi to Islamabad early one evening in September, but it had been delayed...
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    Debunking theory of Punjabis showing Gandasas to immigrants after partition

    The theory is usually propagated by Sindhi nationalists from PPP, JSQM and other groups who have been saying that Muhajirs were 'Bhooke Nunge' when they arrived after partition. As per them when Muslim immigrants would arrive in Punjab then local Punjabis would resist their arrival and...