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    No coverage of protests all over India over CBA.

    Protests are happening all over India over disputed CAA citizen amendment act formerly CAB citizen amendment bill but I hardly see any news or coverage in Pakistani media and even on siasat pk. These protests can topple the bjp govt or may bring some other unknown changes. Govt imposed sec...
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    Innocent killings in Karachi

    ’The angels took away the bright star to heaven.’ On this heart contorting incident, there is nothing left to write as the heart bleeds to see Misbah Ather, our sister, a brilliant student of Hamdard University left us this way. ‎إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ May the departed soul...
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    That's how minorities are treated in India

    Akhlaq was killed on doubt that he ate beef. See how the BJP the killer party supported his killing and even demanded to punish Akhlaq's family on eating beef. Indian government conducted investigated and concluded that meat found in his home was mutton, not beef.
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    پندرہ سو کا قرضہ پانچ لاکھ کے سود میں تبدیل

    پندرہ سو کا قرضہ پانچ لاکھ کے سود میں تبدیل رقم ادا نہ کرنے پر غریب کسان اپنی بیٹی سود خور کے حوالے کریگا۔۔۔ ٹھل۔ ضلع جیکب آباد کے تحصیل ٹھل میں جرگائی وڈیرو کا انوکھا جرگہ 3 سال قبل 1500 کا قرضہ سود سمیت 5 لاکھ روپے میں تبدیل ہوگیا رقم ادا نہ کرنے پر غریب کسان اپنی بیٹی سود خور کے حوالے...
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    Possible upcoming statements from Abhi-Nandan

    Immediately after the release of Abhinandan, IAF tweeted this For two days they kept silent. Now they will glorify the achievements which never happened. He will be briefed about that. Let'ss see what he will say
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    Inclusion of India in OIC session as Guest of Honor Pakistan should boycott oIC - Jamat e Islami demands

    صاحب کےنام خط ‏ ⁦‪شاہ محمود قریشی‬⁩ وزیرخارجہ ‏کشمیر میں ہندوستان کی بڑھتی ہوئی جارحیت اور پاکستان کےخلاف جاری سازشوں کےباوجود ہندوستانی وزیرخارجہ کی اوآئی سی اجلاس میں شرکت ناقابل قبول ہے۔ پاکستان اس اقدام کو ناکام بنائے، اصرار کی صورت میں برادرممالک کےساتھ مل کر اجلاس کا بائیکاٹ کیاجائے چاہے...
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    Karachi air port is under attack mehran airbase style.

    Alternate Link 3776975 source : news channels(serious)
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    Altaf bhai on ARY @ 10 pm .... #BycottAry

    Wasay Jalil @WasayJalil QT #AltafHussain #MQM #Pakistan will be live on ARY at 10.00 Pm tonight. All Saathis & supporters r requested to convey pls #Bycott-Ary :lol:
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    Egypt Revolution ... Best News Pic of Day

    یہ لوگ تربیت کے ایک دور سے گزرے ہیں، اب انکا امتحان لیا جارہا ہے،(clap)
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    Cute Dance and Dua Recitation by Barood Khan

    112137 i really like this video ... can some one translate what teacher is saying to barood khan :)
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    Siasat pk banned on Facebook ????

    Showing this error when try to go page ... is there any problem ???
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    PMLN Secret Weapon - PTI symbol is "Shair"
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    Suleman Malik World Youngest Programmer From Pakistan .....Another Fake Story ??

    Courses list Ajj kal akhbarat aur tv per in sahab ka bht charcha ho rha hai magar Pakistan mein aaj kal itney fraud case a rhay hai k kuch pata nhi lagta k kon sahe hai aur kon ghalat ... In sahab k courses ki list tu bht baree hai mager koi...