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    indian muslim showing his patriotism

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    SAPM Usman Dar meets with President Arif Alvi | Artificial Intelligence Program

    imagine the retard now with some AI. hehe
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    ایرانی مذہبی دہشت گردی کی شکار مسلم قوم

    Yaar aap ki pichli 70 bughaz e Imran posts muaaf. Kodos!
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    You are spotted my dear! your avatar was not able to hide you. have a new ID. ?
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    Saudi companies interesting in Dairy farming in Pakistan

    If he is really earning "lakhon" from couple of tomato plants then i think he is the man behind all this tomato price hike. ?
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    How many of the critics here have been to China? Muslims are there in China since centuries and they are spread over all parts of China. Main Chinese ehenic groups are HUI, HAN, Uygher/Turks. Only Uyghers make problems in China. They are for sure Muslims but majority of them cant even recite the...
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    Ashleel Tivari vs India Army Chief - Nashpati Prime

    these guys are just HILARIOUS!
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    Importance of Namaz-e-Fajar

    NON SENSE! no arguments please.
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    PM Imran Khan announces to release all 65+ sick prisoners and women. Shaheen Sehbai

    Toni Khan said: so there are only 65 sick prisoners in whole Pakistan ? no doubt Yootias are the most idiot kids in Pakistan ? QUOTE="Dantheman, post: 5690537, member: 206656"] Oh khoti neya! Parhna sekh le pehle patwari Ki Olad! He said 65+ age walay prisoners. yaar phir patwaari tou na...
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    Doctor told me that the person whose platelets count is low cannot shave | Aitzaz Ahsan.

    choudhary sahab, london ki flight pakarni ho aur banda shave bhi na kare? queen sahiba ke log kia kahenge ke mere kol shave banan de wi paise nain?
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    Imran resign ASAP before humiliation of no confidence.....

    Alhamdulillah! bizzat te barre hoye ne par shukar hai bahar nikal aaye ne.
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    عمر انعام حقیقت ٹی وی والے کہ کپڑے اُتارتے ہوے

    He is an impersonator who tries to portray himself as last and only loyalist of pak army. but he is only a BONGA.
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    Take the keys of my car and go wherever you want to go, an offer to a Sikh Yatree from a total stranger!!!

    Nope! better he takes this car to endia, sell it there and make some dozens of toilets.
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    "Kia Hua? Kaunsa Aasman Toot Parra" - Maulana Fazal's Rehman's response on Afghan Taliban Flags

    Another threatening tactic by this kazzab. Laal masjid incident was tragic but it's remake is due now.
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    مولانا کے دھرنے میں شامل کارکنوں کو پیسے کون دے رہا ہے

    Wo jis kaam ke liye ameer se ijazat Leni thi Wo ijazat aasani se mil rahi hai Ya ameer sahib bhi usi currency mein nazraney ki farmaish tou nahin kar rahe? Shikayat ki soorat mein mansoor Ali Khan se rajoo karain.
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    How 24 News reported Saad Hariri's resignation

    my simple reaction, KUTTI DE PUTTAR, BHANDON KA TOLA IN 3 PCS SUITS.