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    how it is related to this forum .....Mr. Idian choooohaan
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    Pakistan ki tabahi ka ajj zumedar ek jahaz hay

    Haan bilawal tau taxi hey wohi es mulk ko ooper lay ker jayeega subah shaam chal chal kar
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    خواجہ برادران کی مشکلات میں اضافہ، دیکھیئے سماعت کا آنکھوں دیکھا حال

    Qanoon bhi in logon key ghar ki londi hey....koi inko kuch nahin keh sakta
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    Transparency International’s report on corruption brought a bad name to our country: Aitzaz Ahsan

    Haan ji jessey zardari harami ney tau bara neik naam kamaya tha did you forget 10 fingers article
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan on CNBC (Kashmir, Modi and RSS)...

    Ab es thread kuch khas indian chamooney nazer nahin ayengay jessa key kaali maata ki kaali makhlooq, atif zai, bhaimardood
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    PMLN's Azma bukhari challenges PM Imran Khan

    Who the fuck is she to challenge the PM.... rented aurst
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    PIA awards RS 700 million contract for 777 IFE upgrade to the bogus company of CEO

    Kaaali Maata ki Kaali aur Gundi Makhlook tu phir es forum par aa gaya.......konsa keera hey jo tumhein indian forums par rehney nahin deta
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    Patients crying for Wrath of God upon Imran Khan for non Supply of Medicines

    Which govt. hospital used to give free medicine? I have been to mayo, services and nawaz shreef hospitals for IPD and OPD but they always prescribed medicines from outside, only consultation is free
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    Imran Khan not capable of completing his term

    King Makers and Breakers
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    Imran Khan not capable of completing his term

    Any thing possible if establishment wants.
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    Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan caught donating fake blood😁

    Now you are changing the topic
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    Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan caught donating fake blood😁

    Chotia saleem was an individual act not government policy....can you please explain? What about cancer patient showbaz shareez donating blood to infect others??
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    ازابیل ڈاس سینٹوس: افریقہ کی امیر ترین خاتون نے ’اپنے ملک کو کیسے لوٹا‘

    UK is again proved to be bitches of the Riches. Haramkhor country pehley invade kerta tha ab agents palta hey paisey save kerney key liye
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    صادق آباد میں بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ کے نام پر فراڈ

    Muftbaree qoum muftay key chakkar mein thi