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    Who sponsored PM Imran Khan davos visit ?

    Who the hell are you to worried about ,they bloody don't have any issues to discuss in live TV, arif nizami,javaid changer,shami and asma sherazi are missing hilarious trips with bloody nawaz shrief.
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    فضائی سفر کرنیوالوں پر سخت شرائط عائد، بیرون ملک کیا چیزلےکر جائیں؟ تفصیلات جاری

    What about Ayan Ali case who was caught red handed with 600000 dollars on Islamabad airport .
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    Transparency International’s report on corruption brought a bad name to our country: Aitzaz Ahsan

    If you care about Pakistan and its reputation then why you are quite on corruption mission by BB ,Zardari ,firyal talpur and whole elite of ppp in Sindh .why you quite on murder of Murtaza Bhutto by Shahid Hayat(late) and Rao Anwar and murder of customs inspector who caught Ayan ali red handed...
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    عمران خان خوش فہمی کا شکار ہیں کہ وہ آج بھی مقبول ہیں - امیر عباس

    Sensible peoples are still behind IK and they realised his problem, to run the government in Pakistan is not peace of cake cos here corruption,nepotism, are the part of services for Elite class. IK has no personal agenda his two sons lived in UK and they are using any government resources like...
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    David Rose is waiting for criminal Shabaz Sharif to sue him on money laundering & corruption he exposed

    whats the outcome of that revelation by David rose our khasi judicial system don't have a courage and will to catch these criminals ,we had watch and read so many fact and figures about the corrupt mafia on Tv in last two years but the out come is zero
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    Previous Govt’s destroyed Ptv- New Govt has to increase PTV fee from Rs 35 to Rs 100 per month to save it: Sohail Bhatti

    First of all I really appreciate your polite way of writing and secondly I agree about bbc tv licence I been paying since last 26 years and I know government get share from it and in return we have had loads of facilities from government but in Pakistan whatever we paid in the form of taxes...
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    Previous Govt’s destroyed Ptv- New Govt has to increase PTV fee from Rs 35 to Rs 100 per month to save it: Sohail Bhatti

    PTV is a white elephant like Jhelum Nelam power plant in AJK people are paying compulsory licence (ghunda tax) fee , Ptv should generate their own resources like private tv channels, same thing with Jhelum Nelam ghunda tax ,
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    He Did Not Reply 😂 | PM Imran khan comment on Donald Trump made everyone Laugh

    Hats off for IK , the way he represent the country on the world forum is excellent it was unfortunate he didn't get a government in 2013 , otherwise Pakistan economy would be in a far better position then now, Goons of PMLN looted badly during 2013 and 2018.
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    What’s wrong with importing wheat?

    There are so many steps government need to initiate for the people of Pakistan in my view first step should be put a ban on exporting and donation of wheat and other commodities to Afghanistan as soon as possible and give a incentives to our farmers ,
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    PMLN's Azma bukhari challenges PM Imran Khan

    This woman has some serious mental problem she wants to keep her self on media by any means so like defective bilawal she starts barking to get attention of masses but they are stupid people don't take them serious.
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    Hukumat Awam Ke Liye Azaab Ban Chuki Hai | Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Speech

    My dear billo Azaab tu tumahra baap thaa Pakistan per when he become a president of Pakistan and we are still facing that after effects .
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    مجھ پر حملہ میجر جنرل آصف غفور نے کروایا۔۔ مفتی کفایت اللہ کا سنگین الزام فوج کے کس طبقے کے خلاف ہیں بتا دیا

    Ebay ulu kay phathay who the hell you are ,you are same person who shelter a bloody maulana who did rape one of his student so many times so just shut up ,survival of Pakistan and its society only to follow strict sharia law.
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    Tanveer reply to Hafeez press conference

    I don't agree mostly about Tanveer Ahmed aggressive criticism but today he is right about Shoaib and Hafeez ,Bahi pura Pakistan aisay hi friendship favouritism per chal raha hay ,no merit in any department so come on IK follow your slogan of Riyasat e Madina true spirit or form a technocrat...
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    شھباز شریف کو احتساب عدالت کی طرف سے بڑا ریلیف

    It's nothing to do with government it's our khasi and corrupt judicial system which is only for these bastard powerful ashrafia.
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    شھباز شریف کو احتساب عدالت کی طرف سے بڑا ریلیف

    For heaven sake I request to government stop these news on media ,people of Pakistan get sick of all these big crooks and dakko's corruption information and documentary proofs but due to incompetent prosecution they bloody came out with massive protocol and victory signs.
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    😁ریاست مدینہ کے دعوے داروں کے نام پر 500 والا کام 5000 اور 50 ہزار میں ہو رہا ہے

    No doubt current recession situation is not good for common people but the way government came out from financial mess is really appritiateable ,no its government responsibility to concentrate on governance and get on board opposition and do something for common people,start from...
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    فیصل واوڈا جیسے لوگوں کو لکی رانی سرکس میں اپنی پرفارمنس دکھانی چاہیے - نفیسہ شاہ

    Nafisa aunty don't forget to get a job in that lucky irani circus for yourself your dad and zardari and his defected son bilawal as well.
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    مونس الٰہی کی عارف حمید بھٹی سے کیا بات ہوئی ہے

    Our corrupt ashrafia (generals,judges, politician ,media houses owners local mafia from all over Pakistan and buearucrats )made this beautiful Pakistan a mess ,they bloody do and get what they want for them and for their dumb kids in Pakistan .IK is a honest person but our corrupt system...
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    Siddique Jaan - What is the real problem of MQM with Imran Khan

    majority of MQM are the followers of bloody tafu narative according to which terrorise the public and make money through exortion but last year or so with the blessing of Allah and efforts of rangers Karachi is moving toward peace, but unfortunately due to corrupt ppp government in SINDH...