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    Lahore: Police Warden harassing a citizen

    You dum on learner you are not authorised to drive any vehicle until some one is sitting with you who holds the full driving licence. Learn some law.
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    ہسپتال میں داخل بھی ہوئے تو تمہاری ٹانگیں توڑ دیں گے،پسرور بار کے سیکرٹری کی ڈاکٹرز کو دھمکی

    People who can arrest them they are standing there and doing nothing, This country sucked now
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    Imran Khan's govt. is going to pledge Karachi Airport for debt - Rauf Klasra

    why are they not selling whole Pakistan rather selling all parts partially. ?
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    Javed Miandad Slams Imran khan on Pakistan Cricket Team's Worst Performance

    This is Pakistan and it only happens here
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    Nawaz Daku's video from the hospital

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    Former PM given VIP Protocol in London| Ishaq Dar Media Talk in Avenfield

    Khotey key bachey yeh sarey loog, na apni auladoon or parents ki fikar na Pakistan ki bus in gadhoon kay liye mian sanp or bhutto hi sub kuch hain.
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    Imran Khan should resign

    I said it long long time ago that judiciary of Pakistan is completely fucked like society.
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    There is no difference between Nawaz, Zardari and Imran says Jawad Ahmed

    you need another 50 years to grow up
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    Army business empire consist of more than 50 commercial businesses

    There is not a single country in the world where its army involved in doing businesses. That proofs that only army is running this country soon after Jinnah and Liaqat Ali khan gone. RIP Pakistan and people of Pakistan as you will never wakeup
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    30 illegal migrant Pakistanis found in a lorry in France

    This is the reason Pakistan and Pakistani society has completely fucked up because no one thinks and speaks as Pakistani.
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    30 illegal migrant Pakistanis found in a lorry in France

    Why leaving Pakistan now it has become Riyasat-e- Madina ??
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    بلاول کی جوشِ خطابت میں زبان پھسل گئی

    Lorey ka sadar hay is ka baap
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    سرفراز کی برطرفی پر ان کی اہلیہ بھی میدان میں کود پڑیں

    There are many average cricketers played for Pakistan, its not there fault its fault of uneducated and unprofessional people holding positions everywhere in the system .