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  1. mustfarhan

    Is transparency International jealous of Imran Khan?

    I just posted thread, read report it of year 2016/17 you harami bc
  2. mustfarhan

    Quide e Azam's Murder planned by chaddis in 1930

    Can you imagine that when even Muslims were divided about leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinah, Chaddis were clear about their obstacle in their goal and tried to Murder Quaid e Azam. Let's dive into history and learn their reality is ages long hatred.
  3. mustfarhan

    Sabir Shakir exposes wrongly presented report of Transparency international

    Here we witness another low by gang of anti Pakistan forces and our domestic media is their partner. Wtf is with #pemra not taking action
  4. mustfarhan

    No one will be spared in Corruption cases: Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal

    Rascal took 1.5 years against fawad Hassan fawad and didn't complete the case chalan and only thing was missing were his signs.. And he got bailed now... This bastard has video films showing his filthy Character, should have bee sacked long time ago through Supreme judicial council
  5. mustfarhan

    Sindh court civil judge accused of raping suspended.

    Just suspended? He should be I jail waiting for the date of his death penalty
  6. mustfarhan

    Assim al hakeem - Are Ahmadiyyas / Qadiyanis considered as muslims?

    No need to share such topics as we all know that Qadyani are kaafir
  7. mustfarhan

    Malaysian Premier faces same problems as my govt | PM Imran Khan tweet

    You the pussy calling others pussy? Wow!
  8. mustfarhan

    Meeting with PM Imran Khan Sb in Bani Gala - Details by Siddique Jaan

    Stop lickin my shaft again, you were screwed 10 times but you want more, some take this Reason to Wana 🤣
  9. mustfarhan

    دو وقت کی روٹی سے تنگ شہریوں کیلئے جماعت اسلامی کا بڑا تحفہ

    These are Bharway be it US before and now India, any country can hire them and use like paper
  10. mustfarhan

    Imran Khan Only Has One Week || Sach Ki Talash Live With Waqar Malik

    Let local governments come, assemblies will break after that
  11. mustfarhan

    جیک آف آل ماسٹر آف نن, عقل کل رؤف کلاسرا متوجہ ہوں

    Wtf your name is reason but you can't reason with logic. He is way more educated than you
  12. mustfarhan

    See how the Japanese assembled the Toyota car

    They launched in norway but it failed. Electric cars are more popular as you don't need to drive to a station to fill the tank, be it hydrogen. Secondly network of electric fast chargers is already spread across Europe and in 30 minutes your battery is charged 80% while you sip coffee and use wc...
  13. mustfarhan

    کرنل ریٹائرڈ انعام الرحیم ایڈووکیٹ بیرونی قوتوں کے جاسوس ہیں، سپریم کورٹ میں انکشاف

    There is an alternative system of establishment made by foreign agencies. I would give credits to RAW. With CIA and MOSAD and MI6 on back. Recruits are bureaucrates ex military men judiciary, bar councils and journalists, key players in trade unions and obviously few politicians. Sometimes they...
  14. mustfarhan

    The Organic Meat Company to Hold First IPO of 2020 in Pakistan

    Seems a promising investment
  15. mustfarhan

    Zainab's father reaction on Zainab Alert Bill approval in NA

    Yes because government considered that he is dangerous. And that consideration is result of his internet usage in jail
  16. mustfarhan

    Zainab's father reaction on Zainab Alert Bill approval in NA

    Which Europe? In norway killer of 100 teenz got pardon by parents
  17. mustfarhan

    Gas and Electricity will get more expensive - Dr. Farrukh Saleem

    This Farrukh saleem is disinformation agent. I was once his fan. But then I grown up. He is against dams.. Read his articles against kalabagh and bhasha dam because it's bad for economy.. I don't tolerate such rascals anymore
  18. mustfarhan

    اب مت بیچنا پاکستان کو

    پروانے کی منزل سے بہت دور ہے جگنو کیوں آتش بے سوز پہ مغرور ہے جگنو
  19. mustfarhan

    اب مت بیچنا پاکستان کو

    غلامی کیا ہے، ذوق حسن زیبائی سے محرومی جسے زیبا کہیں آزاد بندے، ہے وہی زیبا تو جناب سبق آزاد بندوں سے پڑھ رہا ہوں، آپ سا ذہنی غلام خود مدد کا محتاج ہے. فرنگی شیشہ گر کہ فن سے پتھر ہوگۓ پانی میری اکثیر نے بخشی شیشے کو سختی فاراں