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    Shehryar Afridi to hold press conference against Rana Sanaullah with evidence today

    This is all to benefit Sanaullah evidence "if any" given outside courts is not considered valid during trial, this all is a cook up story to benefit Sanaullah this press conference should not show any evidence
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    Shameless ISPR

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    Federal Ministers Farogh Naseem, Shahzad Akbar hold Press Conference | Musharraf’s Verdict |

    Mera court meri marzi........... jao jo kerna hai ker lo
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    Federal Ministers press conference Live

    3 idiots and there sister
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    PM Imran Khan likely to address nation soon

    What confidence? he himself is in deep water his government is going to fall soon days are numbered
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    Gen Bajwa extension case || Supreme Court || Details by Siddique Jan and Abid || ZM News

    Another masla for today's talk shows discussion.
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    CJP Slams Govt's Procedure Of COAS Extension, Warns Of Nullifying His Extension Order

    This country is a joke one has to poke nose where it doesn't belong be it army politicians or courts
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    Maleeka Bokhari likely to be given charge of law minister

    Dumb and dumber she is having law from UK what does she knows about paki laws?
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    PM Imran Khan and Gen Bajwa let down by whom - Rauf Klasra shares inside details

    People are just jealous that a village boy is more intellectual than them ... and is more informed than them
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    Mujhe aik nakaam wazir-e-azam ki guftagu nazar ayi - Arif Hameed Bhatti response on PM Khan's speech

    Looser Imran Khan again same rhetoric... oh chala gaya nawaz nashay say bahir ajja ab kuch ker kay dikha
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    Where there is "Money" there is "PMLN" | PM Imran Khan bashes PMLN

    Do Din samad bond sooung ker aya hai looser
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    Condition of indemnity bond is Imran Khan's master stroke - Mehar Bukhari

    Master stoke on his own balls soon pain will grow and retired hurt will be the UMPIRE's decision
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    Nawaz Sharif given conditional 4 week permission to go abroad | Farogh Naseem complete press conference

    He will leave without bond government and people will have to sniff samad bond ... it's all part of NRO..
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    نیب کی سفارش پر ہی نواز شریف کا نام ای سی ایل سے نکالا جائے گا: وزیر اعظم

    Roto apni kursi bachanay kay liya NRO kiya pura mulk beech day ga yeh IK