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    Please IK consider replacing CM Buzdar

    After a historical show in UN things are looking good, I think the momentum needs to carry on with news of maleeha lodhi being replaced, it is about time Buzdar is replaced as well. I could be wrong but he is no where near wasim akram. I think he should be replaced with Hassan Askari Rizvi he...
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    Sikhs help kashmir sisters

    Thank you sikh brothers and sisters in these difficult times. There has been some negative propaganda against sikhs on this forum, we need to show the other side. Those negative people are showing extremism towards minorities. Finger pointing at others and not having a good look at themselves.
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    IK needs to make a trip too UK

    In a few weeks/months time the situation in Kashmir will die down. Media of world is still controlled by zionists so there interest will die down as well. IK needs too take a trip to UK, mobilise all PTI and pakistani supporters with arrival of Imran Khan. It needs to be bigger than US trip...
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    Imran Khan speak too Sheikh Imran Hossein

    IMF wants too destroy PK economically I think we are all aware of this. I do not know whether Sheikh Imran Hossein has solutions and whether his ideas will be realistic in current climate. However Imran Khan a request please speak to him.... Also Imran Khan if possible put Arif bhatti in...
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    What next for PTI after strong show in Lahore?

    I think IK needs to visit different constituencies in Punjab and Karachi instead of picking big venues for jalse. If possible walk on streets and meet people of different constituencies. If possible visit all of them. IK should concentrate on ticket allocation as well, it needs to be a very...
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    What position should IK take regards too rigging?

    We All know that rigging has taken place inside KPK, some are saying rcords of 2013 elections have been broken, i personally would not go that far but Even so massive inconsistencies has taken place. Right now IK is in a strange position one hand PTI has declared a war against rigging (dharna)...
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    Dharna next location should be Lahore!!!

    If and when PTI decides street agitation concerning free and fair elections, instead of Islamabad Lahore should be the place for dharna. Before IK goes too Lahore he should go too different towns and cities to gain momentum. What do you think?
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    Some friendly advice to PAT supporters and Dr TUQ

    Dr TUQ and his supporters fought bravely for 70 days but now they have realised that NS is not gonna go they can sit there for another 6 months he still will not go. So due to this they decided to change there tactics, they have decided too take up jalsa to different towns and cities and...
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    GO Nawaz GO Nawaz Ringtones

    not sure if anyone has already mentioned it, but what do you lot think of Go Nawaz Go Ringtones. We can variety of different tunes related too Go Nawaz Go!
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    Please forward this message to IK Also i would appreciate comments regarding What i have said. IK himself said that he did bouncer regards too when he asked govt too open 4 constituencies. I have too agree with him it was good idea. Now i have thought of something that could change situation...
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    What will become of Imran Khan

    PTI supporters need to get there and support IK and Pakistan, this is serious war now I feel sorry for all the people in Islamabad who are fighting for the cause of Pakistan. But I feel sorry for IK as well just wonder what will be his end, ISF wing and youth are nowhere to be seen, can they...
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    What should PTI do if PAT goes towards Parliament

    PTI should not go too parliament the reprecussions Will be very dire. However we Cannot sit idle either, IK should take his container towards police and request them too put down there arms and let TUQ go forward, tell is over NS Will fall and so. Will you if you do not back down. Govt...
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    NO need for Nawaz Sharif to Resign for 30 days

    PML N has agreed with all demands except NS resignation, PTI however asked for 30 days resignation. Now could someone tell me if NS resigns, are we seriously saying that the commission will be free and fair? NO as long as PML N govt has influence over commission and Nadra it will make not much...
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    All or nothing for Imran Khan

    After the historic blunder after 2013 election results, we had another blunder yesterday by our 2nd Tier leadership. Now I have thought of something which is dangerous, I think IK should sit amongst the masses and sleep there as well. I know it could be high security risk but it would give a...
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    KPK requires Shariat Court implementation

    Salaam to all In the month of Ramadn I have been thinking to be honest watched a bit of Zahid Hamid program and was influenced in rethinking, the present judiciary system in Pakistan is ineffective in giving justice to people, They take too long with cases, in fact They take centuries at Times...
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    KPK govt should give all money too IDPS

    I am not sure whether KPK govt was prepared for this problem with IDPS. However deep down they should have been aware that Milatary action would happen, the talk process was gonna be useless because our govt did not have the will or ability to solve the problems regards to TTP. KPK govt should...
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    Are we really fighting terrorism

    Some say we should bomb the TTP, others say we should talk. But my take on this is both will make no difference to the people of Pakistan in obtaining peace and the stop to this bloodshed. I pray i am wrong but that is the way i see it Here is why 1) Our present government does not have the...
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    Question for TUQ supporters

    Salam brothers and sisters....... I am a PTI supporter, however I do respect TUQ a lot for his hard work in speaking against terrorism and status Quo. Also I feel the only way of change is too take down this rotten system, for that u have to take down status quo. I was hoping for army to...
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    Re call Elections throughout country

    Recall elections by PTi It is apparent that rigging has taken place in astronomical amounts throughout country. Whether in Sindhi, Punjab and Karachi they all have been at it. Foreign powers such as US and Saudia Arabia have also been a part of stopping free and transparent elections. Election...