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    Black Day in Judicial History

    Another black day in the history of Lahore high court decisions.
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    IK should Show His Power to Counter Pressure on Judiciary

    I think IK should come out and show his power to counter NS and FR pressure on judiciary and the system. He should also speed up his fight against the corrupt elite. Submit appeals in supreme court against the decisions of lower courts.
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    Solutions to Nawaz Sharif's Escape Plan

    I have following suggestions for the government to solve NS Escape Plan: (Solution 1) Ask NS to now show that he is a lion and choose any national hospital of his own choice that he has built during his tenure of more than 30 years and get his treatment from there. (Solution 2) It will be a...
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    Someone please tell it to IK

    Don't let the convicted person flee from the country. If they are not satisfied with the treatment in Pakistan then ask them to: Bring the doctors of their choice from any country with the required machinery. They have all the resources to do it. Launch another case on them to not to make even...
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    Objectives of Molana Fazal ur Rehman's Aazadi March

    It has been very difficult to understand the objectives of Molana's Aazadi March. He has gathered all these followers on the basis of: 1) Implement sharia law. He did not give any insight on what does he mean by that and what is his plan to do it. In the presence of secular parties on his stage...
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    Pakistani Army Taking Over Security of KSA

    With a recent news of USA army being deployed in KSA, I am seeing that perhaps KSA will have to hand over the security of it's country to Pakistani Army to not to escalate tension with Iran.
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    Unity in Muslim Ummah, the Need of the Hour

    We all can now see that in near future the remaining Muslims countries will suffer badly. Can the remaining Muslim countries please unite under one condition to not to fight with each other and to collectively defeat the external threats (military and civil) on priority number one. Sunni +...
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    IK is loosing support and needs quick fix

    I have visited different markets in Islamabad and talked to people. Many of them are of opinion that: X thing was of Y price during the tenure of corrupt and thieves. But now X thing is of Y+Z price in new Pakistan and Riasat-e-Madina. IK should activate price control committees very soon. Going...
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    PTI Performance

    I myself have voted for PTI despite the resistance from my elders. Past governments like PPP and PML-N used to hold responsible the government before them for all the miseries. I am seeing a similar tend with PTI. We don't want to hear the same old stories of the bad governance by the past...
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    Justice delayed is justice denied

    Can a common Pakistani stand a chance, had he submitted fake documents in the supreme court of Pakistan? People are crying over a person on watch list to be allowed a six/seven days limited permission to leave country and that too for Umrah. On the other hand, the Royal family who is now...
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    Experienced Team and Three Way Fight (PML-N Stance before Elections)

    N-League stance before elections was that: They have experience, team and have all the plans which they will implement from the day one. PTI is inexperienced and they will waste time in making plans. Wastage of time and resources will eventually hurt Pakistan. My Comments: 60 heads of different...