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    Why is The Government of Pakistan Allowing Immoral Queen of corruption Do Jalsas?

    Why is This immoral corrupt women, a glorified prostitute doing Jal sas? Why is she NOT in jail? Or hanged for treason? I am extremely happy about the last ten year initiative taken by the PM. Introduction of death penalty for corruption would be icing on cake. Enough of these money...
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    US Senators meet with Jewish leaders in semi-secret annual event.

    US Senators meet with Jewish leaders in semi-secret annual event. Who rules America? The tribe of Elders. June 10, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - An article in the Times of Israel reports that “Jewish leaders are meeting with Senate Democrats today.” According to the report, this is...
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    The Murderer of Benazir Bhutto Has Been Arrested.

    The demented murderer of Benazir Bhutto has been Arrested. The serial mass murderer money launderer habitual wanker The illiterate Dakoo of SINDH was taken into custody by NAB today. Wheels of justice or on track despite enormous hurdles put on the sytem by two serial criminals, which is aptly...
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    Whitewashing War Crimes Has Become the American Way.

    What sort of society would America be if its soldiers were free to rape, pillage and plunder in current and future wars? - Muslim will NEVER forget The Genocide committed by the American coward rapist Army. By Maj. Danny Sjursen June 09, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - Just after dawn...
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    Real Competition With Hindustan is In Education Not Cricket.

    Today MasterCard announced Ajay Banga as its new CEO. - MasterCard worth over $256 billion dollars and ranked one of the top company in the world. - Ajay would be the first wall street CEO who belongs to minority group... He is from a small village of Indian Punjab. Further add to it Google's...
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    To The Raw Funded terrorist Organizations. What Pakistan & The Pak Army Means to US Pakistanis.

    Lt Col Rashid Karim Baig embraced Shahadat today . He lived like a lion and departed like a lion. Rashid is son of a mother who has sacrificed repeatedly for this nation and yet remains contended with the Will of Allah Almighty. She lost her Husband Lt Col Masood Khan,, her Son in Law Capt...
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    Judicial Reforms Are The Need of The Day in Pakistan. Mr Khosa Asleep At The Wheels of Justice. RAW Oppointed Faiz Esa.

    The judicial mafia oppointed criminal judges by Nawaz terrorist in Judiciary must be terminated immidiately. Especially this charlatan Faiz Esa masquerading as holyier then thou judge who has amassed wealth via corruption and money laundering. His wealth in Europe is the result of RAW...
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    In memoriam of The Queen of Corruption & Her Phatwari Khanh. A Song.

    . In memoriam of Phatwar khanah.
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    It is Time For Media Accountability in Pakistan. Their Role In Creating FITNA in Pakistan on Behalf of RAW& CIA.

    Time has come to put a leash on Pakistan Media and it's criminal TREASON against Pakistan. Their looting of Pakistan via advertising contracts of billion from our treasury and helping a criminal foreign installed PLMN PPP ANP government, and facilitating their illegal rule by spreading fake...
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    Galloway fired by UK radio after posting tweet against Israel.

    Galloway fired by UK radio after posting tweet against Israel. Press TV. Prominent British journalist and political activist George Galloway has been sacked as the host of a popular radio show after her published anti-Israeli comments online. Galloway was fired by talkRadio station after he...
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    The Empire of Dajjaal & Its Genocide of Muslims.

    History of death merchants of West. So far no response from Oh I See. The crusades of 21st century. Silence of Muslim rulers is deafening.
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    Israel's Role In 9/11.

    Israel's Role In 9/11 FBI evidence supports prior knowledge or complicity By Philip Giraldi June 03, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - The tale of 9/11 will just not go away, largely because it is clear to anyone who reads the lengthy 9/11 Commission Report that many issues that should...
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    Accountibility Accross The Board Shall Continue in Pakistan. Pakistan Military Has Set a Great Example.

    The accountability process has started in Pakistan. The Pakistani military is leading from the front. By initiating proceedings against 400 officers and especially the two high ranking officials in the army has created a trend and is a extremely good sign of things to come. The Judiciary has...
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    The Policy of Creative Chaos: America’s Project for a “Middle-East Holocaust”

    Genocidal ethnic cleansing, mass murder and destruction are described benignly as “chaos” and as “creative”? The Policy of Creative Chaos: America’s Project for a “Middle-East Holocaust” The policy of “Creative Chaos”[2] underpins the holocaust. Empire willfully destroys the sovereignty and...
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    Pakistanio Wake Up.

    WAKE UP CALL My Fellow Pakistanios... American CIA with it’s allies like RAW , MUSAD and Afghan Intellegence agency has started materializing it’s plan of spreading unrest in FATA and Baluchistan along with economic de stability that is already there as a result of some corrupt politicians and...
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    PM Umrah.

    He went to Saudi Arabia on PAF Aircraft which is for the PM as Airforce one. It’s a small Jet Stream 4 which carries 17 Passengers. In our days it used to be DA 20 Falcon aircraft. He took a small contingent including his staff and Foreign Office Staff. So no extra cost was on Tax Payer as...
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    President of Turkey Sultan Erdogan Recites Quran.

    Allah O Akbar.
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    PM of Hearts & Mind Imran Khan. May Allah Protect Him From Evil Which Resides in Kot Lakhpat.

    Dear Folks , His enemies called him A YAHOODI & A MIRZAI And God Knows what else. But last night The world witnessed a true statesman addressing the OIC Summit. Dressed in the most simplest way He championed the Muslims around the world . His love for Our last Beloved Prophet needs no...
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    Pakistan Army Must Stop Its Policy of Sending Army Officers To US For Irrelevant Courses.

    Pakistan army needs to review it's policy of sending officers for courses in Dajjali Washington which have zero value. It is inviting Satan Dajjal to trap these idiots for spying against Pakistan. As the recent episode tells us, how close this spy group of officers came to inform Satan...
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    Can “Pashtuns” be the Angel of Salvation for Zionists?

    Just can pashtuns be the saviours for Israel and Zionists?? It doesn't make sense on the surface but you will get the full picture once you realize that Israel is trying to create a "pashtun spring" to break Pakistan...their arch enemy.. Can “Pashtuns” be the Angel of Salvation...