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    Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain

    Wonder why no games based on muslim invaders, if they were the worst..
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    Goa, Gods, Gandhi and Greed: Lessons in Colonialism from Four Boardgames

    While bigger players were trying Risk, najayez o murdaris were busy playing Monopoly.. scum.
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    Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain

    Long term memory is questionable when short term isn't intact. 1984 isn't just a George Orwell book, or the year a genius graphic designer was born. But all seems forgotten.
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    شریف گروپ آف انڈسٹریز میں 300 سے زائد گھوسٹ ملازمین کا انکشاف

    When the owners are ghosting.. what do you expect. These ghosts will be found alive if traced, as OSDs in Punjab police, among journalists, bureaucrats, judiciary, etc. Aakhir kaheen say to un sab ki tankhwahain bhi jati hain na.
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    Hukumat Nay Har Cheez Par U-Turn liya, Mehngai Par be U-Turn liya | Qamar Zaman Kaira Press Conference Today

    Jis din chaudhary nisar nay baal lagwa liyay, wo bhi pakka phatyala ban jayay ga.. no more sitting on the fence. Aakhir kis species kay baal lagwatay hain yeh loag?!..
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    پاکستان میں جو آئین کی بالادستی چاہتا ہے، غدار قرار پاتا ہے - سعد رفیق

    Jaisay tumharay grandpa zia ul haq? Tumharay haan to jo mayhem kay jootay na uthayay, woh bhi ghaddar hai.
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    How should one prepare himself for the life in grave? | Dr. Hassan Mohiuddin Qadri

    By carrying a kafan and flying it to masses everytime we make a promise we don't intend to keep. Hang on, that's his dad's thing. Maybe he has something better to say, but nah, I'd go elsewhere for my deen lessons.
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    Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain

    The aftermath of war is always ugly, be it the handling of instigators' family lines or the treatment reserved for traitors and conspirators. Banu quraiza and dahir, prime examples. The point here being ambushing/taking over by power, populations who are at a general disadvantage and minding...
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    Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain

    All invaders are heroes for their people and villains for the natives. Muslims offered options; Islam, jizya or war. And options even for PsOW. All others captured land and took slaves by hook or crook. Not to mention, forcing their ways on the locals, e.g. Christianity and Spanish language in...
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    Nawaz Sharif's Friend Fawad Hassan Fawad's Bail is the result of any Deal? Details by Siddique Jaan

    You do have a point, although, one just can't trust anything going on with these scheming sewer rats, not even death, unfortunately, for they sell that too.
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    ہوشیار ہونے سے معاملات ٹھیک ہوتے ہیں - مولانا فضل الرحمان کی آصف زرداری سے ملاقات کے دوران دلچسپ جملوں کا تبادلہ

    Bechara MF, jis din is pay case khul gayay, iski ayadatain band aur alalatain shuru ho jayain gi. He's checking out, meanwhile, kaunsi beemariyoon ka ilaaj sirf bairoon e mulk ho sakta hai. Sewer creatures.
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    Kangana lashes out at Deepika for expressing solidarity with Muslims

    Yeah, like some people can't make sense of Iqbal's classic urdu, farsi or message, but try to downplay it by mentioning Nietzsche, without any context or comparative arguments whatsoever. Don't take it to heart, the world is choke full of short sighted fakes. Ausgezeichnet.
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    Hukumat Awam Ke Liye Azaab Ban Chuki Hai | Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Speech

    No military rule precedes this. The only democratically elected govt that completed term, does. Maybe I'm forgetting that IK was CM kpk or some minister in Musharraf's rule? In that case, my bad. If not, case closed.
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    Hukumat Awam Ke Liye Azaab Ban Chuki Hai | Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Speech

    Both acute infections. Gone (chronic) with the tind(s), Najayez and [email protected]#$%&t.
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    قصور گونگلو کا ہے یا؟

    Tajruba... Shukr hai Allah ko tajrubay ka bias naheen hai, warna arbon ki baari na aati, sarzameen e anbiaa kay ibrani, siryani, waghaira hi is mansab par fayez rehtay. Aur unko to break Allah daita tha merit par. Yahan tajruba Milta hai break kay baad, aur break kaisay aur kisay Milta hai, Kaun...
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    Hukumat Awam Ke Liye Azaab Ban Chuki Hai | Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Speech

    Peepeepee is a chronic infestation that has plagued Pakistan for more than half a century now. And it continues. What is an azaab?