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  1. Colonel Blimp

    Patients crying for Wrath of God upon Imran Khan for non Supply of Medicines

    OPD and IPD Medications were never free or readily available at these hospitals during the last 10+ year rule of Money Launderers either. Expecting IK to fix it in 1.5 years is unreasonable esp. after the trillions in debt economy he was gifted with by the previous regimes!
  2. Colonel Blimp

    Pakistan's Policy in case USA /Iran Situation Escalates in to War

    Ignoring the fact that the Iran-USA situation is blown way out of proportion just like Aramco oil field attack was, the only role Pk should play is through UN and keep a fund handy in case of a refugee spillout at the borders.
  3. Colonel Blimp

    Has the United States begun the Third World War? Asma Shirazi Comments

    I would rather listen to Agent Adnan Sami or Corporal Tariq Fateh talking about hemorrhoids (bawasir) and constipation (qabz) than listen to Ambassador Asma Shirazi who spent our tax money without our consent for her Hajj (her only international credential).
  4. Colonel Blimp

    IHC issues contempt of court notice to DG FIA Wajid Zia over alleged harassment

    The IHC and its CJ Athar has greatly misused the power of contempt of court. Anybody sneezes the wrong way and Athar issues a COC notice. Such blatant and overtly biased misuse of authority with zero accountability of Bar and Bench!
  5. Colonel Blimp

    PM Imran Khan 10 best statements of the year 2019 - Patwaris don’t watch this you might learn something

    No.1 and No.8 were my favourites of the bunch. You have to be severely mentally incapacitated to deny the realism presented in No.8
  6. Colonel Blimp

    Siddique Jaan - 10 Fake News of year 2019

    The fake news on NAB ordinance got me too. I regret that. Go knows how are we to counter this menace of fake news. Why can't a media judicial tribunal system be set up? Or another method of accountability for fake news? Why is it so difficult?
  7. Colonel Blimp

    ریاست مدینہ میں اب آپ پچاس کروڑ کا فراڈ کر سکتے ہیں

    The courts and opposition and bureaucrats must be hailing this ordinance as a success. It will pass through parliament easily. It will not be challenged in courts and if somebody does will be dismissed happily by the Judges!
  8. Colonel Blimp

    شعیب اختر وضاحت کریں کیا وہ "بزنس" حاصل کرنے کے لیے بھارتی کھلاڑیوں کی تعریف کرتے ہیں

    I think Shoaib has always flirted with controversies to seek attention and keep himself alive and relevant. And this time it's stirring up nerves to save and increase revenue for his dwindling views youtube channel.
  9. Colonel Blimp

    Orya Maqbool jan reveals inside story of Rana Sanaullah bail

    If Orya knows about the 2 rooms on the fourth floor of establishment division and the yellow journalism secrets they contain, then PMIK should be notified about it too and the information must be released to the public!
  10. Colonel Blimp

    Modi is flushing Indian Economy into the millions of toilets he claimed to have built (MSNBC)...

    From a 7% to a 4% GDP? India seems to be moving in the right direction then, that leads them towards us in a warm "Tea is fantastic" embrace ? Also if the economy keeps performing poorly will BJP continue to come up with such detrimental and divisive laws and diversion tactics? You bet!
  11. Colonel Blimp

    Anchor Ameer Abbas talks about PM Imran Khan performance

    Definition of Mafia: The fake news media/analysts are undoubtedly causing premature and unfounded panic and uncertainty trying to blackmail/extort the present government into releasing more and more ad money; kind of what a mafia does! Where's the confusion here?
  12. Colonel Blimp

    PJ Mir Shocking Reveals about Army Chief Extension Case

    Although I still think CJ Khosa was and will remain one of the best reformist CJs of Pk it's also true the SC should've stayed out of the administrative powers of the PM to appoint, extend, retain, expel anybody from the armed forces who he (the PM) thinks is fit in his opinion to serve and...
  13. Colonel Blimp

    چیف جسٹس کا حلف اٹھاتے ہی جسٹس گلزار احمد کو ایک اور عہدہ بھی مل گیا

    It is my understanding that the full court bench hearing Faez Isa case was headed by Justice Bandial who is now a member of Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) and by policy SJC members are excluded from the full court bench, hence the dissolution of full court bench.
  14. Colonel Blimp

    چیف جسٹس کا حلف اٹھاتے ہی جسٹس گلزار احمد کو ایک اور عہدہ بھی مل گیا

    So this essentially means Faez Isa case bench is dissolved and relief for Faez Isa who doesn't have to be accountable or produce money trail of his European mansions. So unfortunate. The powerful judges and lawyers are always ABOVE LAW!
  15. Colonel Blimp

    Maryam Nawaz re-submits request to the LHC for the removal of her name from ECL

    The very name of LHC and IHC hearing cases of the corrupt and convicted seeking special treatment sends jitters down my spine. I hope sanity prevails. At least this time I can't blame PMIK for taking her name out of ECL!
  16. Colonel Blimp

    PM Imran Khan meets COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa in CJ oath ceremony

    Wishing the best to CJ Gulzar for his tenure. Another towering Giant of the PANAMA verdict. If he delivers only 10% on his mission to deal with corruption with an iron fist I'll be forever thankful to his legacy ?
  17. Colonel Blimp

    Saudi Arab blackmailed Pakistan to not attend Kuala Lampur Summit, claims Erdogan

    The Turks and Persians do their own fair share of genocidal muslim-killing in conflicts ranging from Syria to Kurdistan to Iraq to Yemen. Nobody's an angel here. Pak did well by distancing itself from Blocks and Groups! The disunity among Muslim nations is an issue of ego, power and prestige...
  18. Colonel Blimp

    Malaysian Foreign Minister: those bombing Muslims are accusing us of trying to divide Ummah

    A little ironic I think. The other members of the KL summit included Turkey and Iran who contribute their fair share in killing fellow muslim brothers through their own involvement in specific conflicts. Nobody's clean but I hope they all come out clean including SA in the future!
  19. Colonel Blimp

    "عدلیہ کے خلاف گھناؤنی مہم چلائی جارہی ہے " پر احمد رضا قصوری کا ردعمل

    Whatever be his end of tenure errors I will still consider Justice Khosa as one of the best and brightest solely for his PANAMA verdict. I can never forget it!