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    Sheikh Rasheed: I opposed massive export of wheat on cheap rate

    They also sent onions to Bangladesh so local people bought at 100 plus a Kg!
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    President Trump defeated by Iran

    You goddamned Modi ball licker can't hide your hatred for Muslims and your desire to serve Trump a blowjob, the way you do with Modi.. You are exposed you filthy Hindu lover.. We thought you were a patwaari only.. However.. You're an Indian patwaari also..
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    Bilawal trying to purchase MQM ministers

    Stay calm.....this is only an indication of an arrest looming around the corner.... Since he's not presenting himself at NAB, he needs a narrative to be used when he's finally dragged by his lousy neck and thrown behind bars in Pindi... This is the tactics they resort to, when they need...
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    Harem Shah Claims Sheikh Rasheed is Married.

    Bullcrap..... Eying some easy money only.... Maybe paid already by Ms Qatri, the "director" of such things, now that she's politically a NIL!
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    Indian Riots: False allegations of Arms & govt confiscating Muslims Properties | Hospitals refused to admit injured

    Look how you're treating your own people, you goddamned piss licking Indian piece of trash, cockroach! Don't worry, your father Modi ( ask your mum if this isn't true) has given the beginning of the undoing of Endia!
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    Indian Riots: False allegations of Arms & govt confiscating Muslims Properties | Hospitals refused to admit injured

    Bloody biased anchor... The situation is going towards the gaza strip one, and all protestos will be labelled as terrorists and rioters instead of victims.. Fcuk BJP and Indian media!
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    Gen. Asif Ghafoor's reaction was unnecessary - Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Musharraf's Case Verdict

    YOUR reaction to DG ISPR reaction was more " necessary", you goddamned PIG in yellow Turban...Go screw yourself, you're a NIL, will always be....
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    Removal of Maryam’s name from ECL: Cabinet’s sub-Committee sends recommendations to PM Imran

    Khoi farq rehta hai agar Army ko dhandha dehne mein, toh woh qatri gushtee ke farar honne ke baadh poora ho jayega... Govt will not allow this churail to leave....cant say of NOORA courts however... But this time around GOVT will appeal against any such wrong decison..
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    Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa is retiring from his post today

    Get lost in shame....your true colors with those Musharraf mimicking raised arms got exposed in your very last days.. saved Maryam Qatri from instant reference in Calibri matter.....THAT MUCH FOR YOUR LEGACY!
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    "This is a historic decision" Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's media talk

    Ehsanfaramosh ke bache.... He gave your parents NRO in corruption cases!
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    Pakistani community protest outside avenfield House in London| Chant anti Nawaz Slogans

    And Salman Shabaz hired you too here for same 5 pounds...?
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    Pakistani community protest outside avenfield House in London| Chant anti Nawaz Slogans

    Great! There won't be pace anywhere for these thieves... Sahi rulaya Khan ne inko, and bow listen to the cheekain above, coming from their chamchas, like Zaidi Qasim, etc... ??
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    Pakistan ki tareekh ka sab se bara fraud | Arif Hameed Bhatti ne haqeeqat bta di

    Daal mein bohat kuch kaala kaala hai..
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    How Long Does it Take to Become Fluent in German (any Foreign Language)? | My Personal Experience

    Der, die, das, dem and den are very complicated to use correctly... The grammar is tough... But it's one of the most expressive languages around and has a " rough /tough" tone to it, like Pushto... It's a language that sounds "commanding", not "excusing" like Brit Emgjish..
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    مریم نواز کو پرسوں رات پیغام ملا ہے کہ آپ فکر مت کریں بہت جلد آپ کو والد کے پاس بھجوانے کے انتظام مکمل کر لیے جائیں گے- عارف حمید بھٹی

    Don't worry... The bird won't fly at any cost without certain "requirements are met".. ? Lehne ke dehne par gaye in haraamzadeo ko! ? And this stupid fuckin thing called "patwaari" is completely silent and never asks why their "baji" is silent these days.. ?? You won't hear anything on this...
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    Anchor Imran Riaz Khan tells why Bashir Memon resigned from DG FIA post.....

    Now file that reference against the geedar from Sialkot under article 6!
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    It is my wish that Zardari is given the best treatment as well - Khawaja Asif

    Of course it is your wish, you geedar looking scumbag... You bastards have always been passengers of same corruption boggie....
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    Imran Khan is mentally sick

    1000 percent! Platelets can be brought down with medicine, and then back to normal as well. If there wasn't any staged drama and behind the curtain affair, can you plz explain your baji silence, inactive twitterati?