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    Sindh govt. to vaccinate stray dogs in a bid to stamp out rabies| The Telegraph

    province in Pakistan aims to vaccinate and sterilise half a million stray dogs in a bid to curb rabies deaths. Officials in Sindh said they would stop poisoning street dogs to try to control the terrifying disease and instead attempt to catch, vaccinate and neuter them. Hospital doctors in the...
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    Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali wins Nobel Peace prize

    It has been awarded to thd PM of Ethiopia, an African Muslim politician.
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    Nobel Prize in Literature 2018 & 2019

    This year, two prizes have been announced. One for 2018, which was missed due to a scandal. Another for 2019.
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    Nobel prize in Chemistry 2019

    It's been awarded to three scientists for developing lithium-ion batteries.
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    Nobel prize in Physics 2019

    It has been awarded to three scientists for their work regarding cosmos, structure and history of universe and discovery of an exoplanet outside the solar system.
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    Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine 2019

    It's been awarded jointly to three scientists from Johns Hopkins, Oxford and Harvard. Announcement from the Nobel Committee in Karolinska Institutet, Nobel auditorium.
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    "Kuch Dair Ki Khamoshi Hai Phir Zillat Le Kr Aaye Gi"- Marvi Memon to Ishaq Dar's Son Husnain Dar

    اسحاق ڈار کے بیٹے حسنین ڈار کے ٹویٹ پر جواب دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ کہتے ہیں خاموشی طوفان کا پیش خیمہ ہوتی ہے۔ کچھ دیر کی خاموشی ہے جو ذلّت لے کر آئے گی انکے لیے جنہوں نے کسی کی ناحق زندگی اجاڑ دی۔ وقت 3 بار آیا لیکن افعال نہ بدلے۔ پھر دو بار قدرت نے موقع دیا لیکن قدر نہ آئی۔ اب دور آئیگا ان کا جنکے لب...
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    Eid Saeed

    To everyone celebrating, eid greetings. To everyone celebrating it alone, you're not alone. Eid Mubarik.
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    Voices of reason from across the border; they're not all deaf and blind.

    sorry for the long post..
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    Status on overseas Pakistanis' voting

    Salam, Does anyone know what is the update on overseas Pakistanis' voting status? NADRA has a software and it was discussed in the SC as well. Haven't been able to find out more afterwards, except news articles. Overseas Voters Thanks!