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    Embarrassing moment for Anupam Kher during election campaign

    Embarrassing moment for Anupam Kher while carrying out a door to door campaign for his wife in Chandigarh. A shopkeeper shows him BJP's 2014 manifesto and asks him how many promises did BJP fulfil in the past 5 yrs. Kher walks out of the shop with NO ANSWER!! 😁
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    Venezeula coup takes a bloody turn as military is divided and shoots at each other

    Shocking scenes in Venezuela as defected soldiers fire back to protect protesters from pro-Maduro forces attack. Juan Guaido seen marching in Caracas towards Miraflores where the royal palace is located in Mirande Venezuela together with troops and police officers and protestors Footage...
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    A Short video on 23 Year Struggle of Imran Khan for Pakistan

    We all stand with PM Imran Khan the great.
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    If you have proof against PTM, go to courts - PPP's Ch Manzoor

    Please Gen Bajwa this is the right time to take action against PPP traitors. Why are you silent? Take action please