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    Our country is waiting PM Imran Khan's france visit on 11 Nov - French Ambassador

    We need to neutralize france as france is perm member of security council nd very tilted towards India, dont know any reason other than rafael deal.
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    Hareem Shah rejected allegations of leaking Shaheen Shah Afridi video

    Attention seekers following the likes of rakhi sawant, we shd ignore them . Didnt listent to what she said in vid but I am pretty sure i saw the video on her Twitter ( clarification I am not following her someone sent me the link of the tweet)
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    Jamaat-e-Islami wishes to welcome Maulana's Azadi march

    Kch din pehle tou isne manna kra tha
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    Nawaz Sharif agrees for treatment in abroad

    Agrees? He was dying to go there. Pmln was demanding this for long
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    Tik ToK Star Hareem Shah Interview: I will now go to PM House, I'm big fan of PM Imran Khan

    Instagram kaafi nahe tha ke ab tiktok wale b star kehlanay lagay
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    I fear PM Imran may begin teaching in madrassah in order to counter us - Fazal ur Rehman

    So he is saying k agla banda jo b krle ham ne yahoodi hi kehna hai
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    Mansoor Ali Khan comments on PM Imran Khan speech in UNGA

    Lol such a uturn, i think he tweeted im favor of IKs speech, ab whatsapp pe msg agaya hoga
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    Rickshaw Driver attempts to Kidnap Child in Lahore

    Jo ghareeb chori krte pakra jaye us ko maar deti hai awam ,
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    Buzdar likely to think for the rest of his life, "how I became the chief minister." Rauf Klasra

    He used to support Buzzdar as far as i remember He declared it as a positive step from IK to choose CM from south Punjab and critics dont wanna see a simple men in office
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    Consult IAF before 'invading' Azad Kashmir: ISPR responds to Indian minister

    I hope we are ready to counter any of their adventure
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    What is Article 149? Will Karachi come under federal govt? know from Dr Aamir Liaquat

    Sindh Gov tou khush hogi Karachi k paisay mil chukay per kaam nh krna parayga ab aur royeingay bhi k le lia ham se khi
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    Arrest warrant issued against Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami

    Shami is not of good character, personally know few things
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    زرداری کے 1947 میں اپنا گھر بار چھوڑ کر آنیوالوں کو طعنے

    He is doing it intentionally. Best thing would be to ignore him
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    زرداری کے 1947 میں اپنا گھر بار چھوڑ کر آنیوالوں کو طعنے

    He is doing it intentionally. Best thing would be to ignore him
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    Is it true, that US was aware of Indian plan to change kashmir status - Sajid Tarar replies

    US secretary has officially tweeted that they were not informed of any such decision. They might be lying. But its just what they said officially
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    What is the reason behind death of renowned Naat Khawan Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini?

    Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illahi raajioon. Allah mian Darjaat buland farmayein