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  1. rizhussain44

    Team of prominent lawyers ready to challenge Govt's illegal demand of surety bond in Supreme Court

    Forget everything else and just answer one thing, PMLN is claiming NS will eventually return back to Pakistan, right? If that is TRUE why not just give the damn security bonds? Without getting into the technicalities that whether it is legal or illegal? This exposes that NS does not plan to return!
  2. rizhussain44

    What is Fazal ur Rehman Plan ? Dharna or Jalsa || Exclusive interview of Zameer Haider || ZM News

    OP, you need to correct the thread heading. No where he said that Pakistan has made the 5th Gen fighter jet, all he has said that Pakistan has started the work on it. Project Azm is at very early stage. It will take us at least 5 years before we see a flying prototype.
  3. rizhussain44

    Pakistan to waste billions buying a 35 year old Chinese aircraft carrier

    This is a rumor and that also 7 month old, why are you giving it so much credibility and that also after this long?? This is not going to happen!
  4. rizhussain44

    Indian soldiers cutting down fruit trees in Occupied Kashmir...

    Kis qadar kuttay kay bachay hain yeh, aur kuch nahi to ab wahan kay logon ki zindagi bhar ki mehnat aur kamai ko is tarha zaya kar rahey hain
  5. rizhussain44

    PIA record rise in revenue; up to 45%

    Aur kehtay hain PMIK/PTI nay apnay phelay saal mai 'bazahir' kuch nahi badla lehaza PTI fail hogai.
  6. rizhussain44

    Malala wins the internet with her iPhone 11 tweet

    iPhone 11 has three cameras installed in shape of a triangle, same as the patterns on her dress.
  7. rizhussain44

    Whatsapp, twitter abuzz with NRO deal at 12B.

    No, there will be no under hand deal. If it happens it will be a plea bargain where the deal taker will have to openly plea guilty! In other words, he/she will have to accept the charges.
  8. rizhussain44

    Meri Qaum Bari Jazbati Hai

    Is banday ki shakal par is qadar begherti si kuon hai?
  9. rizhussain44

    Full view of PMLN Jalsa Gah in Pakpattan

    hahaha 'Amazing Turnout'. Yeh jagha dekh kar to woh Munna Bhai MBBS may jo Circut ka dialogue tha yaad agaya, jab woh hostel ka chota sa room dekh kar bolta hai "Bhai! yeh to Shoro hotay sath hi Khatam hogya!"
  10. rizhussain44

    Govt is taking some steps to tackle Maulana Fazlur Rehman: Anchor Imran Khan

    Jinab is nuskhay kay liyeh sirf 2 din kafi hongay.
  11. rizhussain44

    Kal Tak - 24th July 2019 - Media Azad Hai

    Video is not available in US
  12. rizhussain44

    Kal Tak - 23rd July 2019 - Pak America Taluqat Naye Doar Ka Aghaz

    This video is also not available in US
  13. rizhussain44

    Takraar - 23rd July 2019 - Pakistan Ko Safarti Satah Par Aik Aur Bari Kamyabi

    Can you please stop posting videos that are not available in US. Kindly fix this issue
  14. rizhussain44

    Takrar – 22nd July 2019 - Importance of Imran Khan's US Visit

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country(US)”
  15. rizhussain44

    Kal Tak - 22nd July 2019 - Pak America Taluqat Behtari Ke Imkanaat Roshan

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country(US)”
  16. rizhussain44

    It shows Trump is leaned towards IK during the handshake

    It shows Trump is leaned towards IK during the handshake while in case of other leaders they have leaned towards Trump for the hand shake. Just a small observation.
  17. rizhussain44

    Tum Beghairat ho - Exchange of harsh words b/w Sadiq ul Farooq and Omer Cheema

    The anchor person did a good job here!