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    Rs. 700 for regular Dherna, but guess how much for D-Chowk???

    Good effort but while doing Photoshop you forget to change miner details but still good efforts.
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    Rabi Pirzada decides to perform Umrah after quitting showbiz

    Thanks for the porn information but my question is still there that why she is given so much importance, what is her status, who she is.
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    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's Emotional Speech about his mother

    That guy is a big drama, his father is responsible for that and now he as con artist playing that card again.
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    Rabi Pirzada decides to perform Umrah after quitting showbiz

    Since last few days she is every where on social media, atleast update me who she is?
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    Not possible to carry out Nawaz Sharif's test in Pakistan: Medical board

    Please dont do the genetic test of NS, soon you will know that he is not his father son and his children are not genetically his.
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    Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman Ke Azaadi March Ke Drop Scene..

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    Tomorrow you'll also call me Non-Pakistani because my grandfather had migrated from Afghanistan. Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman

    He is 100% correct, his grandfather was not Pakistani, he was a PAVANDA. Anybody has any doubt, check it. Pavandas are not national to 1 country.
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    مجرم نواز شریف کا خون آنا شروع

    Listen my dear, I am not making fun of him because I have any personal problem with him. He looted my country, I know where his family lives in London, they are living there on my expense and I pray for his and his family destruction. You sitting in Pakistan dont understand the anger we all feel...
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    مجرم نواز شریف کا خون آنا شروع

    Allah ka shukar ha, when blood will come from his rectum and penis?
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    Why does Imran Khan gets a stroke and seizures when

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    I'm not permitted to meet my father Nawaz Sharif | Maryam Nawaz media talk today

    You must be a girl otherwise such detail observation by male is not possible, excellent observation.
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    Update: Tik Tok Girl Hareem Shah was in Forigen office not in PM office

    Any of your sister visited there?
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    Update: Tik Tok Girl Hareem Shah was in Forigen office not in PM office

    Excellent, you are 100% correct based on the experience of Maryam Safdar, that thing also happened in PM House.
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    What did Nawaz Sharif write in a letter to Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman? Learn from Pervaiz Rasheed

    Is there anything written for the benefit of Pakistani رعایا If yes, please explain it here. Otherwise fuck them.
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    Nawaz Sharif's latest blood report shows platelets depleting to alarming level

    latest blood report of Pakistan shows platelets depleted at an alarming rate in last 10 years, who is responsible for that?
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    کاٹھور واقعے پر سوشل میڈیا خبریں حقائق کے منافی ہیں، رینجرز

    What you know about Rangers, Army. I was in Miranshah, Wana, Parachanar. I know what was the conditions there and how the conditions are now. Dont talk about the things you are not aware of or you didnt witness.
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    Fazal ur Rehman: The Tragedy of Pakistani Politics

    Dear, Fazlu is not Pathan, he is Pavanda.