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  1. liuali

    PM Imran Khan ready to drop BOMBSHELL on Zardari & Nawaz in Jail before Dharna - Rauf Klasra

    Allah na karey ke ye din bhi dekhna parey..
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    بھارت کو پہلا رافیل مل گیا، کیا وہ ایف 16 کا مقابلہ کر سکتا ہے؟

    Exactly right. When M M Alam destroyed 5 planes in a record time he was not flying any super aircraft. Until today no one is able beat his record. Pakistan Zindabad
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    This video should be forwarded to PIA officials to tell them about the passengers standing while plane still taxing. Also people who left their mess on the floor should be fined and that fined should be send to their addresses as per ticket bookings.
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    ملک کہاں تھا اور کہاں پر لا کر کھڑا کردیا گیا: جسٹس قاضی فائز

    Notices SJC se miley hai isi liye ajj kal har jaga chiktah rehta hai bichara...
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    Trade deficit reduced by 38 percent, tax net widening, PM told in meeting

    Bhai logo ye sirf ek saal ki rawaidad hai. 4 saal abhi baqi aUr Khan par pura bharosa bhi. Sabar kijeye achi khabrain ati rahen gi
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    Pakistan Garment Makers Chase Rivals in India and Bangladesh

    When I visited Australia in 2008, most cheap super stores like Kmart, Target etc were full of Pakistani cloths and other items but now a days only Bangladeshi, Indian and Chinese items are visible.
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    To the United Nations Security Council: While Kashmiris are struggling for their freedom against India’s aggression, we, a collection of concerned people from all walks of life, are calling on the UN Security Council to take IMMEDIATE action and work to end the Indian blockade of Kashmir and...
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    Journalists, Activists Barred From Showing Indian Brutalities In Kashmir

    Keep forwarding this to Twitter accounts of news agencies in your countries. I just did in my country
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    PTI won 31% seats in FATA election AKA Tsunami in a cup?

    چلو شکر ہیں آپ نے مانا کہ الیکشن منصفانہ اور غیرجانبدارانہ تھے۔
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    State Department tweets: Acknowledges Washington Jalsa

    Khan sahab overseas Pakistanio ko vote dalne ka Haq kab denge. Status quo ne abi bi kam kharab kar rakha hai...
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    No one dares to contact me for a deal | Maryam Nawaz Media Talk Today | 20 July 2019

    App ne kaha aur hogaya.. aur koi khidmat
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    صفائی نصف ایمان۔۔۔۔ہم کب سدھر ینگے۔

    حکومت کی کوتاہی اپنی جگہ مگر ہم لوگ خود کب سدھرینگے۔۔ چترال کے لوگ کچرا صاف کررہے ہیں یہی کام سیاح کرکےجاتے تو کتنا اچھاہوتا۔۔۔
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    صفائی نصف ایمان۔۔۔۔ہم کب سدھر ینگے۔

    Environment under attack.. Thanks to our people. Note: Can some one please incorporate the website. Sorry I don't know how to do it.
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    Sindh: Free Air Ambulance service launched in Gambat hospital

    Aids key masley ka kia hua. Koi update or news clip
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    Real Dobby house elf found..

    Look like celebrating Zardari arrest lol. Real camera footage...
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    Three sisters drown as tourist boat capsizes in Swabi’s Kundal Dam

    In all other tourist countries every boat passenger would have life jackets otherwise the boat skipper or owner would be fined by authorities. In Pakistan these people are making money from these tourists, some of tourists even don't know how to swim but authorities are negligent in keeping eyes...
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    Tourism boosts as more than 50 thousand tourists reaches Skardu Airport

    Your calculation is only correct if every one used the plane which is not what the reporter reported.
  18. liuali

    Qazi Faez Essa writes again to President Alvi - Matti Ullah Jan

    I think that's what he want i.e. to get thrown out of court for directly writing to President. He does not want to be sacked on corruption charges..
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    Justice Qazi Faez Isa questions PM Imran Khan in his second letter to the President. Judiciary vs Executive...?

    Supreme court ke ethical code & conduct me ye darj hai ke koi bhi judge SC ka judge banne se pehle apne aur apne ahlo ayial ke assase zahir karne ka paband hai. Samjh nahi aarahi judge sahab ke pass poora muqa hai apne dalayal dene ka. Ye ulta hukumat se hisab mang raha hai. Ye to wahi hisab...
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    Justice Qazi Faez Isa questions PM Imran Khan in his second letter to the President. Judiciary vs Executive...?

    Kaha se baloch agaya. Ethnicity is ki Hazara hai aur quetta me pala barha hai.. Balochistan me rehne ka matlab ye nahi ke har banda baloch hai warna punjab me paida hone wala har pasthun punjabi hojata... Jo bhi kuch is ko karna hai SJC me Ja kar karle. Sacha hua to hum bhi is ke sath hai aur...