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    اگر آپ نے مولانا فضل الرحمان کو ہاتھ لگایا تو آپکے لئے راستے بند ہو جائیں گے ، ریہام خان

    Back seat driver! Advising on everything under the sun when her own life is a mess. There is no way maulana can be allowed to dictate to the state. She is daydreaming. Commenting as if she is the eye witness to all these events but is sitting in part of UK.
  2. RealPeople

    Govt's Certified Best Anchor: "PTI is smartly involving Army in administration so it can blame Army of failure in future"

    What if your guess does not work out? What if they remain together and continue to shaft you patwarri
  3. RealPeople

    Best answer to mulla fazlu

    should be aired on TV. time to start confronting these kafirs so called maulvis
  4. RealPeople

    Why Imran's Anti Cocaine Minister is high ?

    No. His behaviour is ONLY meant towards Patwarris of Pakistan!
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    "Hamari Govt Aa Rahi Hai Aapko Kia Takleef Hai?"- Mufti Kifayat ullah Misbehaves with Anchor Yashfeen Jamal

    Patwarri will HAVE to WAIT FIVE YEARS. No amount of crying will change this FACT. as far as dealing with opposition is concerned, they all need to be drowned in the Arabian sea. No problems. Ameen
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    Bilawal Zardari announces to challenge PS-11 by-election result

    Ab PAANCH SAAL wait Karo. Ronay Ka koi faida nahi
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    ہائو ڈی پرنس "ولیم اینڈ کیٹ" پکے آجاؤ،اسلامی بندوبست کرلئیا نگے۔

    BC trying to impress with daqique Urdu. Go fu. CK your self
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    PM Imran Khan meets Saudi King Shah Salman bin Abdulaziz

    Patwarri kidhar mar Gaye. Akhir maantey ho keh Nahi. Khan Ka teka!
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    Main Gunahon Se Itna Tauba Nahi Krta Jitna Imran khan Ko Vote De kr Krta Hoon

    U sound so desperate all the time. Yet you are a coward who sits at home and doesn't come out. You can bet your life that Fuzla is going to get a bamboo up his ass when he comes out. It would have been fun if you were with him. Both of you could have been shafted in one go
  10. RealPeople

    Pakistan Denies Saudi Arabia Requested Mediation with Iran

    News for you-your assumptions and expectations have to wait FIVE YEARS!
  11. RealPeople

    Remittance from UK- advice

    Exactly. So confusing. This is something we need clarifying
  12. RealPeople

    Remittance from UK- advice

    Their rate are low but presume good for Pakistan
  13. RealPeople

    Remittance from UK- advice

    Transfer Wise seems to be the best for rate as compared to UBL remittance. Was only thinking if UBL better for Pakistan?
  14. RealPeople

    Remittance from UK- advice

    Hi. Any suggestions what is the best way to send money back to Pak? Want to use means which are beneficial to Pak economy but also get good rate! Thank you
  15. RealPeople

    Breaking : Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman announces the date of Long March

  16. RealPeople

    کپتان ایک کٹھ پتلی

    KHAR kay bachay-pehlay yeh to decide kar khe kehna KYA chatha hai?
  17. RealPeople

    "Bilawal Bhutto Seh Bara Pyar Ho Gaya"...

    White hippie? U must be a certified racist or a patwarri scum!
  18. RealPeople

    "Nawaz Sharif 4th Time Prime Minister Hote Agar...." - Interior Minister Ijaz Shah

    How do you know? Seems from your posts that you are in denial and day dreaming- a lot! FAZLU is not coming out because he is lots of hot air. He cannot topple the government as he says. Has no credibility. He is the enemy within and will be crushed- with lots of blood on the street. NS is NOT...
  19. RealPeople

    Mahbooba Mufti's daughter on PM Imran Khan's speech in UN

    Spoke well, sensible, wise Bilawal remains a child-fighting for his pyo and Sindh card
  20. RealPeople

    check my Leader returning soon ,Asad Umar

    Yes has the qualities to take over from IK one day!