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    Pakistan will be cleaner than Europe after just 5 years says Imran Khan

    Why only few ppl there? Security reasons?
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    attention plz ! pti supporters 4m north karachi

    hi pals ,i m going with my family on 25 jalsa .i just want to know if there r some ppl who r going to jalsa from north karachi that we can go together.if any 1 interested then reply me plz here.
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    Attention Please PTI lovers, only Allah is the Last Hope not Imran.

    my dear pals here i want to mention a important issue which we normaly ignore in our immotions.we normaly call imran khan as last hope, it is not true n cant be true bcoz our hope is always be from ALLA n no others.some times i scare that we r making ALLAH angry while doing this type of...
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    talat hussain as guest ?

    hello pals , does any one notice that talat hussain is not appearing in any programe as guest for a long time. later he used to come in kashif abbasi's programe frequently.any one knows ? plz share. actualy i enjoy more to see him as guest bcoz as host he has become so polite on struborn...
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    professional jealousy???

    hi pals, have u notice that the famous persenalities whom r watched in different channels,not invited as guests in other channels ? such as i want to watch AZIZI'S interview with shaista wahidi but cant bcz she is related with geo and azizi works 4 dunya tv!it is jelousy or what, i dont kow...
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    Who Broke that news first?

    yesterday i watched breaking news on aaj tv that govt is taking back the e .order,only on aaj tv that news was going on.todat in one programe of dunya tv faisal raza abidi was blaming that reporter without telling name that faisal knows about the links of reporter .do anyone knowswho is that...
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    talat hussain left aaj tv.for money or what?

    hi pals, i m great fan of syed talat hussain .i watch his all programes,some days back he was telling in one of his programe that he took huge loan for new house.the rumuors r going on that he left aaj tv and the reason is money.he is not satisfy of present salary.i cant believe this bcoz i...