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    Smartphone banned for grade 1 to 15 government officers during office timing - Law ministry issued a notice

    Too many people are wasting time on facebook and other social media apps during work time. Good step to ban it. They can use it during breaks only like we do in the UK.
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    Indian movies banned from playing in all motorway vehicles

    All muslims should be boycotting Indian products. Indian films and products should be banned everywhere in Pakistan.
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    CM Punjab Usman Buzdar offers his respects at Roza-e-Rasool (P.B.U.H)

    Most Pakistanis can't afford to go on Umrah once in a lifetime and these guys are going every few months. I wish we all had such a lifestyle.
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    These toddlers' heartwarming reaction to spotting each other on the street will make your day

    Look how hindus and muslims are living in India. It isn't all that peaceful over there even if you take Pakistan out of the equation.
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    Another round of Ghareeda Farooqi vs Shahbaz Gill...

    The Shit Steyn likes to call IK a munafiq but it only comes back to himself. Pathetic individual trying to belittle the belief of other muslims.
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    India should not be given any more concession - Aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar

    Still considering? You are weak so the Indians are correct in their assumptions. If Pakistan was the aggressor the Indians would have ceased all trade immediately, not 'consider'.
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    CM Usman Buzdar not being replaced, clarifies PM Imran Khan

    Is the CM performing well though? Haven't seen any major changes in Punjab to highlight his performance yet.
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    Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar settles the issues between Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur and Muslim boys’ families

    This is wrong. Many people who convert to marry someone end up being very devout muslims. You cannot simply void a conversion to appease a religious group. If the girl is forced to go back then those involved in sending her away from Islam will be answerable to Allah.
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    Man carrying knife tries to break in Indian Parliament

    Only way to stop these RSS goons is to cut off the heads. Start with Modi.
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    Pakistan grants consular access to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav

    If he was a Pakistani in an Indian jail he would be dead by now.
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    Dialogue can only be initiated with India after it releases Kashmir political leadership: FM Qureshi

    SMQ is living in his own world. The Indians don't want any dialogue. Only aggressive response is needed. If not war then ban all trade and flight routes.
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    PM is considering a complete closure of Air Space to India - Fawad Ch

    Do they really think Modi will get scared and start talking if they leak that they are 'considering' the closure of airspace? Strict actions must be taken without this indecisiveness. India banned Pakistani singers and actors and trade without hesitation yet we are still considering.
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    Maryam Nawaz's reacts as Article 370 is revoked by India

    So instead of taking a patriotic stance she still makes it a criticism of the Pakistan Government. The enemy is at our doorstep and she is still trying to politicize everything.
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    Sheikh Rasheed response after India revoked article 370

    May Allah destroy these idol worshippers. They are the worst of mankind.
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    Public Survey: Are you satisfied with one year performance of Imran Khan???

    Most of the traders wil be against PTI sine they don't want to pay tax. No matter what, the country needs tax reforms to have any chance of a recovery.
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    Dr. Shahbaz Gill shows Police reforms in Punjab according to PM Imran Khan vision

    You are claiming he is not a muslim? You basically called him a kafir. The hadith about this makes you one if he is not.
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    We will clean up Karachi from trash in the next 2 weeks with the help of the citizens: Ali Zaidi

    This is what PTI needs to do. Make the streets clean and provide clean water supply. That would win the hearts of many people. No point just constantly showing only anti-corruption drive.
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    Fazlur Rehman would be paid in same fashion if he resorts to toppling PTI Government - Sheikh Rasheed

    Why is there a need to issue threats like this. If NAB has any evidence to lock up Diesel then they will do it. Threats just allow the opposition ammunition to claim that it's political accountability.
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    Anti-corruption Lahore seizes 30 Kanal illegal property from PMLN's Javed Latif

    Your whataboutism is showing. Are you claiming Javed Latif is the rightful owner of the 30 kanal land and it has been seized from him illegally? Accountability will eventually be across the board but someone has to implement a strong foundation first. If half of the PTI members are locked up...
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    Asad Umer refutes rumors regarding leaving PTI

    If he left PTI he will become a nobody like the others who chose to leave such as Fauzia kasuri, Aisha Gulalai, etc.