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    Curfew back on in Kashmir after protests.

    I think its game on now , will only end with India splitting Authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir have reimposed restrictions on public movement after people took to the streets to protest against Delhi’s decision to suspend the disputed region’s autonomous status...

    India on a dangerous path. Toronto Star.

    India, which likes to boast that it’s the “world’s largest democracy,” is heading down a dangerous and decidedly undemocratic road with its decision to impose direct rule on Kashmir. It’s been just over a week since the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi abolished the semi-autonomous...

    India is the world’s biggest democracy so why is it being so undemocratic in Kashmir?

    Dubbed the most dangerous place on earth, Kashmir is now even more endangered. By stripping Kashmir of its special status and unilaterally carving up its territory, India has triggered a constitutional — and thus democratic — crisis. By severing Kashmir’s communication links with the outside...

    Were IK and Bajwa duped in Washington ?

    I have a feeling that IK and Bajwa were not aware of Indian plans (perhaps intelligence failure )when they visited Washington last month and Trump and Us govt perhaps gave no hint that they were aware of major game changing step. Were they really duped ?

    Who is World Cup 2019 winner ?

    Just my guess that world cup going forward is being fixed for England. Its home ground and England have put together a decent team and ICC will clear minor obstacle to ensure that England lifts the trophy this year. What do you folks say?

    Pakistan batting started crumbling.

    Its 81 for 3 . 2 wickets in quick succession. Semi final hopes going up in smoke.

    Hasan Ali backs India to win the World Cup; deletes the tweet later

    Team India has been on a winning spree in the ongoing World Cup. They have defeated South Africa, Australia and Pakistan so far while their game against New Zealand was washed out. India is one of the only two unbeaten teams in the tournament so far and the team is looking good to continue in...

    Need posting instruction

    How can I post a video from Whattsapp using my phone and create a thread on the forum ?

    36 countries that USA bullied this week.

    June 01, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - It’s been a busy few days for American diplomacy, with three dozen nations ending up at the receiving end of threats, ultimatums and sanctions this week alone. And it’s only Friday. Mexico is the latest target, slapped with 5 percent tariffs on...

    2 army officer punished in espionage are actually living abroad???

    Just saw on whatsapp a postgroup being shared that the 2 army officers being punished for espionage are actually living abroad ? One in USA and other in UAE ?

    Rumours going on in Islamabad.

    Just got this message reg rumours going on in Islamabad . "Assemblies will be dissolved upon IK return from China and care taker set up with bureaucrats will be in palce for 2 years. Supreme court as usuall will provide the blessing. DG NAB will be replaced and military courts will be...

    PTI folks in Punjab posting picture of chicken handover.

    Here is a tweet by PTI folks in Punjab posting pictures of handing over chickens to public. Question is what is the difference b/w Noora inaugarating some bridge again and again and this ?

    Noon league forward block and Asad Umar

    Yesterday there was a news that 50 member of Noon league are ready to make a forward block. Today AU resigned and many folks on this forum are writing threads that AU should stary a new party. Is it possible that both these events are connected and Boots are pushing it from behind the scenes to...

    Next move of India ??

    Since active military campaign and show of force has ended badly for India. One wonders what they would like to do next to hurt Pakistan . I am thinking a series of terrorist incidents inside Pakistan. Lets see ....

    Similarities between Modi and Hitler

    Was just watching Moeed Pirzada show, he mentioned a very important aspect of Modi and Hitler personality. Both were unmarried and had no families or kids and those unused hormones fukced the brain of both men. and thats the reason we have this crises today.

    Pulwama incident. Facts and press conferences

    We all know the pulwama incident and statemenrs and press conference and war hysteria created after that. India continously accusing Pakistan and Pakistan asking for evidence etc etc. However Pak govt has taken control over madjid and madrassah complex in Bahawalpur after the decision by...

    Bad news for Canadians who invested in crypto

    So much for living the libertarian dream. Crypto losers of millions want help from organized authorities. They should get it Canadians who have lost about $200 million escaping the control of "fiat currency," backed by governments, and market regulation are now asking for help from the...

    Marshall law in Ukraine to avoid the elections

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that he will propose declaring martial law in the wake of the altercation in the Black Sea that saw Russian military seize Ukrainian vessels for breaching Russian territorial waters. The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine...

    Captain Safdar has a 2nd wife ?

    Just saw it on twitter that Capt Safdar has 2nd wife , is it correct ? I can understand that media will not discuss this news but Ik's uturn instead.

    Did IK cancel his trip and amid chaos in Pakistan?

    Did IK decide to cancel his trip and return to country ? He is PM and its job to be at the helm in such chaos.