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    The Zardari System - Fake Account Cases

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    Caption it!

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    پلوامہ کی حقیقت

    یہ پلان اگست ٢٠١٨ کے شروع کے ایام اپنے آخری مرحلے میں داخل ہو گیا ..... پاکستان میں ہونے والی سیاسی تبدیلی کے پیش نظر ہندوستان کی انٹیلی جنس اس نتیجہ پہ پہنچ چکی تھی کہ آیندہ دنوں میں پاکستان میں پہلی دفع سویلین حکومت اور ملٹری ادارے ممکنہ طور پہ ایک ہی سوچ کے حامل ہونگے اور ان میں...
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    Hamid Mir's U-Turns

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    What Jimmy Goldsmith would have told Imran Khan and other Third World Leaders

    Jemima Khan’s father, Sir James Goldsmith, was always fond of his son-in-law, the Pakistani cricketer-turned-popular leader, Imran Khan. It is unfortunate that he is not around today to witness the recent surge in Imran’s popularity to a point where he is seen to be leading the race to form the...
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    Pakistans destiny will be changed by a man who Sleeps with his Shoes on

    While going through the thread "Imran Khan - Rare Pics!" by our very own Machar, I was reminded of a saying by a follower of a Sufi saint back in 1997, who told me that the man who will change Pakistan's destiny will be the one who often sleeps with his shoes on. Some of the pics below suggest...
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    LB polls before general elections: Zardari

    President Zardari said PPP will form alliance with the allied parties to contest the up-coming general elections hoping that it will again emerge as the majority party and form new government at center and the provinces. He said local bodies elections will be held at all costs before general...
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    Waseem Akram's Political Viewes

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    Shahbaz Sharifs Pakistan or Imran Khans Pakistan

    The Managing Director of Tourism Developing Corporation of Punjab, Saad Sikander Khan was confessing to the Lahore High Court that he had filed two FIRs against an architect on fake charges at the beckoning of the Honourable Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif while a TV channel was...
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    Frost Over the World - Geoffrey Rush and Imran Khan

    Watch from 13:40 onwards.
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    Deaker talks to Imran Khan (1994)

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    Imran Khan in Hajvery University Lahore

    The youth of Pakistan are bringing a change - and it will not be televised. Be part of the revolution. Join ISF / PTI where ever you are.
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    Faqeer-e-Pakistan : Fasad Fi Sabililah