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  1. Citizen X

    Decades of Insular Pakistani Leadership is to Blame For The World’s Failure to Care About Kashmir

    "The reality of a world ignoring Kashmir contrasts sharply with international reactions to the Israel-Palestine crisis – a crisis that is as old as the one in Kashmir. ....................... Why is this the case? Why is it that Kashmir is ignored even when a major event occurs? The blame for...
  2. Citizen X

    Pakistan Cuts Diplomatic Ties With India Partial Closure Of Air Space

    How come none of this news is being reported in the local media? The move would affect Air India's flights going to Europe, US, and Middle East. Amid rising tension between India and Pakistan over the revocation of Article 370 of the Constitution ending special status to Jammu and Kashmir...
  3. Citizen X

    Can't post on 90% of the threads!

    Majority of the threads I try to post I get Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later. And I can see others posting in the same thread over and over again, what gives? I tried to wait a while. Tried many times to post but same result, while at the same...
  4. Citizen X

    Good news Bharat Mata pregnant again

  5. Citizen X

    How The Sharif Family Looted Pakistan

    And this is just the money they spent on themselves from this poor heavily indebted country's treasury
  6. Citizen X

    The Real Face Of Afghanistan

    Yeah lo jin ko Afghaniyon per bohat ziyada pyar aa raha tha
  7. Citizen X

    Hamari Billi Humi Se Meow !

    Unlike India and Pakistan, they were not the same country, but they were never different either. The Durand Line, the border between the two countries, was drawn up in 1893 to restrict Afghanistan's influence in British India, and Britain's in Afghanistan. As far as borders go, it is one of the...
  8. Citizen X

    Pak Vs NZ Live Cricket Update

    Click this link to watch live in facebook (unable to embed here) 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 We lost the toss, so we will be chasing!
  9. Citizen X

    How To Spot A Jiyala Patwari

    I've noticed the most vocally and most active jiyala patwaris always post in big, bold and colourful fonts. I think their bosses find easy to spot their posts so they can count their posts and pay them accordingly. Or I'm just being too conspiracy theorist here and its just usual when you...
  10. Citizen X

    Rumours : Marriage Between Sharif and Zardari Family

    I know hamaray zururat se ziyada naik Moderators ne thread title change kerdena hai so this is what was my original thread title Rumours : Marriage Between Sharif and Zardari Family Watch from 8.30 onwards if it already doesn't play from there. Could this be why Nannis Son Jaida Safdar is...
  11. Citizen X

    Pakistan's cricket needs a complete revampe! : Ramiz Raja

    A visibly pissed off Ramiz Raja, tried his best to hold it in during the match then let it all go here! Fazool, useless aur third class performance!
  12. Citizen X

    Brainless Captain : Shoaib Akhtar Keeping It Real

    100% perfect analysis of that mota saand sarfaraz
  13. Citizen X

    Game Lost !

    Khotay ka puttar chose to bowl first 🙄
  14. Citizen X

    Nawaz Sharif's Only Honest Interview

    Kash ke kabhi Nawaz Sharif mein asa such bolnay ki himmat hoti !
  15. Citizen X

    Patwaris Getting Ready For Protest

    PM-LN getting their patwaris ready for save our looted....oops I meant anti govt protest
  16. Citizen X

    We Might Have A T20 Match In The WC2019

    Live Update from the field The rain has stopped field inspection is going on and if all is well there could be a T20 Pak Vs SL match
  17. Citizen X

    China’s grand military parade marks PLA 90th birthday

    Seems like everything is copied from either the west or Russians with no original design. The vehicle the brass is travelling in is a copy of the Mercedes G wagon. The 4x4s are copies of the American H1 hummers. The missile carriers are copies of the Russian Tatra, MAZ and UAZ 8x8s and 10x10s...
  18. Citizen X

    23rd March Parade From 1983

    Intreseting to see how far we have come