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    Dr. Arif Alvi gets emotional about a young boy who had Thalessmia

    a gya su**w**r ka bacha indian is forum per comment kernay.
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    Current account deficit may shrink to $7bn in FY19: APTMA

    now who will translate this for patwari qoom. i hope they will not start dancing on dhool.
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    PM Imran Khan should worry about himself, he can also be changed- Hamid Mir warns PMIK

    yeh maaalik was md ptv and this hamid mir's father was involved in bangladesh thing. bawasir kay mon walay beth kay lagay hain.
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    Hamza Abbasi tells why presidential system was required

    tere ghar walay bhi to tera btatay hain...wo soch kiss mon say btatay hon gay keh un kay ghar bawasir paida hui hay.
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    Why is Pakistani music a treasure of depression?

    now translate it in urdu or else NOONI will start thinking that elections are tomorrow.
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    Caption Time

    future prince of Qatar.
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    رہتے تھے کبھی جن کے دل میں

    شرم نہیں آتی ان کو ؟ قرآن کی آیات پیسٹ کر کےکسی ایسی بات پر تھریڈ سٹارٹ کرتے ہیں جن کا ان کو خود بھی بھروسہ نہیں کہ بات سچ ہے کہ نہیں .
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    Man arrested for spreading rumor of singer Attaullah Khan EsaKhelvi's death on social media

    Indian KUUtay har baat main comment na kiya kar. taunsa shareef is related to sufi Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi. khanzeer kay B**** Indian tujhay kya pata. bawasir kay mon wala.
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    Youthiyoo Dub ke mar Jaoo

    khanzeer ka B**** a gya bawasir lay kay apnay mon ki. apnay baaap moodi ki tarha is ka bhi keeera thek nahi hota. BC indians a jatay hain comment kernay...
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    آرمی چیف میرا جہاز واپس دلوائیں

    sir he needs to have permission from CAA. you cant just fly sit and fly that big machine in the air. what if he will crash on someones kid who will be responsible? no doubt he work hard but he must follow the rules. there are licences you need to take for every thing for example student pilot...
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    Shehryar Khan Afridi Raid In Passport Office - Suspend All Staff

    Khanzeeer ka Ba*** a gya Indian dobara say. bawasir wala mon lay kay.
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    Excellent Reply to Lafafa Journalist Hamid mir

    khanzeeer kay B**** indian, apni pain b thek ker kay koi capule lay kay. rooz a kay apnay mon ki bawasir dekhata rehta hay sab ko. Indian Kanj**
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    "Why am I not getting petrol for 46.8 rupees?" Adeel Raja asks to Asad Umar

    khanzeeer ka b**** indian. phir a gya comment kernay.
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    Why is Everything FREE in Pakistan?! Asks Drew Binsky

    a gya khanzeee ka **** indian pakistan per comment kernay.
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    پاکستانی کرکٹ پر بھی عمران خان کی نحوست کے سائے

    becharay nooni pagal kutay ki tarha raaaaal tapkatay har cheez per bhonktay phir rahay hain. 92 kay world cup main match draw bhi huwa to wo bhi imran khan ko jitwanay kay liyeh huwa. barish hui wo b yahoodiyon nay karwai. coz yahoodiyon ko pata tha keh nawaz shareeef ka naam panama leaks main a...
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    Establishment has no option than to work with Imran's govt - Kashif Abbasi

    pait kay liyeh becharay rooz dukaan khol kay beth jatay hain or gahak nahi mil ro kay pagal ho rahay hain.
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    Marvi Sirmed uses filthy language for attacks on PM IK

    mujhay to yeh samajh nahi ati indians in forum per kya lenay atay hain. ja kay apni BJP or Congress ki batain karo. what they ahve to do with PTi or Pmln. na 3 main na 13 main lol.
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    Marvi Sirmed uses filthy language for attacks on PM IK

    do you remember the pics your mai baaap nawaz sharif used against her sister benazir? ooo sorry i forget that you were in liquid shape during those days.
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    Petrol, diesel prices likely to go up by Rs 11 per litre from April 1

    bro its not like a yogurt for family that we can buy as per our desire or take water pipe from our neighbours water motor :D it will take some time. there is a big mess which needs to be fixed.
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    Petrol, diesel prices likely to go up by Rs 11 per litre from April 1

    Saudi Arabia would give Pakistan a total of $9.6 billion in loans and oil on deferred payments to help keep its economy. remember just to help its economy. pakistan consume 450.000 barrels per day. means pakistan is on 34th number in the world. saudi arabia wont be taking care of everything. its...