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    Why is Saudi Arabia and its leadership target ? Tahir Ashrafi talks

    Weise.. Bhai.. us doctor ka naam bata do.. Jis ney yeh CHarbi kaati hai.. WALLA TAMGHA-E-Imtiaz tou banta hai.. Doctor key liyeh. Amazing Amazing doctor. Salute!
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    Pakistan should ask us for technical and coaching support for the betterment of their cricket" Afghanistan

    They don't know us. Simple. Un ko pata nahin ham kia kar sakhte hain.. KHAAK MEIN MIL KAR JO HEERA HO JAYE US KO PAKISTANI KEHTE HAIN.. ABHI HUM KHAAK HAIN. IN KO DARNA CHAHIYEH HAI US DIN SEY JAB HAM HEERA BANE GAIN. Hum wapis ayen gay. Phir India ki baje gi or saari DUNYA KI BAJAIN GAYE.
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    NayaPakistan "Faisal Masjid turned into skating ground"

    Yaar bhai, mere cousin ka kuch kar do. Please B.Sc honors ki hai computer science mein. Pouri university mein top position hai. Us ko apney social engagement team mein rakh lo. Allah bohat dey ga. Please apna email address share kar dain. Mein C.V bhejwa deyta hon. Allah Maryam nawaz ko acha...
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    برقی موٹر گاڑیاں اورجنگ کے بادل - ڈاکٹر عطاءالرحمان

    He is absolutely correct. Saudia wants to finish electric car companies. They are going after electric cars. 2022 will be a turning point.
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    So much hatred for india

    How is the airspace ban, India? Feeling the brunt? Half of the world is blocked for you. How is the army now after loosing 302 personnel in cross-border fire. How is the recent loss of FATF adventure that you tried against Pakistan? How is the loss of undisclosed number of RAW agents in...
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    Puppet Jahil Imran Niazi copies Tagore's words and tweets them as Khalil Gibran's

    Nailed it mate. 100 percent on the point. Shia Bhuttos are sahaba bashers from day 1.
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    Akhtar Mengal & Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman joint media talk today

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    Govt of Pakistan files complaint against BBC over 'defamatory and malicious' report

    BHAI LOGON.. JITNI PERFORMANCE HUM PM sey CHAHTE HAIN>> UNTI PERFORMANCE HUM APNE APNE KAAM MEIN DAY DAIN TOU PAKISTAN WILL BE AT THE TOP.. Think about it. We want top-notch performance from PM but we are sitting on our TASHREEF and doing nothing..
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    Virat Kohli telling about fitness levels and practice

    Haram Hai mehnat hum pakistanio per. Bas baith Kar khana khana chahte hai. We don't have the junoon. It's dead.
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    تھوک کر چاٹنے والے۔ حامد میر

    When anti Imran govt people point out the economic conditions, they tell the truth. Imran and his govt doesn't know how to strengthen economy and the ruppee. They know nothing about businesses and money. They made people poor. But there are many many good things About PTI govt. Like Nawaz was...
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    Sania Mirza's reaction on criticism over pictures of Pakistani players taken at Sheesha Cafe

    Playing to win requires loads of junoon. When you decide to do everything to defeat your enemy, you prepare like there is no tomorrow. PAK cricket team needs the right mindset.
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    Play Specialist Bowlers & Batsmen Against India – Imran Khan’s Advice to Sarfaraz

    My best advice is to start the psychological training of cricket team members. They need the winning psyche.
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    Geo Promotes India

    Revenge of the fallen.. Mir sahib. Beware. We know about you and the other mir. MEnd it.... Before the inevitable end.
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    "We announce a reward of 250,000 Rs to any Hindu Man who kidnaps and Rapes a Muslim Woman "

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    Pak-India tension continue as Imran ignores Modi at SCO Summit

    Bhai jee.. Please do not answer him. This is the official account of PPP media cell on Everything said by this forum handle comes from PPP media manager...
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    کچھ تصویریں بولتی ہیں۔ یہ ان میں سے ایک ہے۔

    DO NOT GET TOO easy about this. Russia and India are chum friends. India is one of the biggest buyers of Russian military hardware. Russia will NEVER make India unhappy in ANYWAY. Putin is too clever for this. He is the most shrewd politician in the world and being a former KGB, he know how to...
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    Modi Blames Pakistan Again

    Very Soon my friend. Very soon. He won't be able to speak or say. The blow will be severe
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    Please Stop Begging

    Correction. ANTI PAK ARMY PEOPLE.
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    Pakistan Army won international military drill competition known as Pace Sticking Competition

    Any irrefutable Proof(s)? Please share a few of them
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    نریندرمودی نے عمران خان کو منہ نہیں لگایا۔ نوازشریف

    I am so worried about the future of Pakistan. PTI walon ney hadd kar di hai. Waise PTI waley sab hazraat galiyon mein MA kar rakha hai.. lakin itna bhi nahin Girna chahiye. Please stop abusing people even if they are corrupt or scum. They are many scums in this country. it is full of them. Will...