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    A very important suggestion for

    Dear Admins, We need a marketplace here at It should be an IT services marketplace. Professionals can post their services and overseas Pakistanis can avail those services. Fixed rates and a secure way to transfer money. I can give you an elaborate plan. The only thing you guys need...
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    Thank you Pakistan opposition

    The way Pakistan Muslim league and people party conducted themselves and the way they provided support to their political enemy Imran statesman khan is worthy of applause. They supported Pakistan government and they supported PAK army. FOR THE SECOND TIME IN MY LIFE, I feel blessed to have...
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    Rumors are that Bahria Town Ace Academy building bulldozed by Government?

    I have heard from very confirmed sources and people on ground that Government bulldozed Ace Academy building in Bahria town rawalpindi. Can anyone share pictures and videos of the event? It happened yesterday. Government has also issued notice to the Bahria Head office building in Phase 8. They...
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    The 8 most elite special forces in the world

    Elite special forces are some of the best-trained and formidable units that a country can boast. They go where other soldiers fear to tread, scoping out potential threats, taking out strategic targets, and conducting daring rescue missions. These really are the best of the best. Although it's...
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    I am tired of Indian bombing this forum

    I am sick and tired seriously. I never indulge in baseless debates with trolls especially Indian trolls.. But seriously, these Indians who love to troll this forum, I request you to cut it out and get back to discussing problems in your own country. I know you what you are and what kind of sick...
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    To All Canadian-Pakistanis, Please Help me Out

    Salams Brothers, I have applied for the immigration to Canada and I am planning to settle in Ottawa. However, I have heard a lot of people complaining about the business and job situation in canada. And I have seen a lot of Pakistani brothers/sisters coming back to Pakistan. I know weather is...
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    500 year old Sufi mystic song from Aleppo (HALB) Syria

    I don't know. I am not a sharing kind. But this song has touched my heart and it is 500 year old Sufi song. You will love it. Even though I don't adhere to Sufi mysticism, but this song is pure.. real pure. (note to admin) - Please give me custom bb code...
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    Let's make bajour agency beautiful

    I am starting to get impressed. KPK Govt is really trying to do something good everything I watch news. Check this out: باجوڑ آوٴ باجوڑ ایجنسی کو خوبصورت بناوٴ مہم کا آغاز ہو گیا ہے۔ مہم میں پولیٹیکل انتظامیہ، قبائلی عوام اور سیکیورٹی فورسز سب ہی شریک ہیں۔ آوٴ باجوڑ ایجنسی کو خوبصورت بناوٴ...
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    FILS DE GARCE nawaz sharif is leading - unofficial results

    :angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile: I dont really understand Pakistani nation. They are voting for PPP and PML (N) Again....!!!! Dumb as it sounds If PML N comes to Power, I will loose all hope in this nation, seriously.. I will apply for...
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    تندرست رہنا ہے تو تیز چلیں

    Salams, This new piece is published at Check it out: As you might know that Rasool ullah pbuh used to walk really fast. I am unable to recall the hadith, but if you google it, you will find ahadith about Rasoolullah pbuh walking faster...
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    The Future Roadmap that takes Education to a new level.... Help needed

    THIS IS ONLY FOR THE PTI members.... I have a very comprehensive roadmap of education that will change the entire infrastructure of the education in Pakistan. I want to share this roadmap with Imran Khan.....!!! Is there any PTI official on this forum that can help me reach Imran Khan and give...
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    Geo TV Song promo - Saans Hai tou Aas hai - KOI ARAHA HAI.. What is it?

    If you are watching GEO TV lately, you'd notice a GEO TV song that says "Koi Araha Hai" I want to know what is it? and Who is coming? What is the meaning of that video. I was unable to find that clip online. Watch GEO and you will see they are running that song with Koi Araha hai message at the...
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    Yes! The real face of LIFE. The REAL TRUTH

    Just read this... You will know what I mean..
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    Bakhidmat e janab captaan khan

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    Nawaz Sharif khi Khidmat mein kuch Ashaaar

    Salams, Kuch ashaar likhay hain Nawaz sharif khi khidmat mein.. Umeed hai kay pasand aaeen gay. . App ko bharpour aazadi hai kay in ashaaroun khi taseeh karain.. Mein koi shayer nahin houn.. bas aasay hi likh diya.. Aik Tha ghanja Aanday jaisa Nikla pehn kay sherwani Us kay saath tha aik...
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    Miracle of Allah: A baby boy born with no blood in his body

    This is amazing... ! If Allah wants no one and nothing can kill you even if your body is drained of blood which is a vital part of your life... MIRACLE baby Oliver Morgan was brought back from the dead after being born with no blood in his body. A rare condition drained his tiny frame of...
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    Liam Neeson considering to become a MUSLIM

    According to the Sun Newspaper, Liam Neeson is considering to become a muslim. HOLLYWOOD star Liam Neeson is considering giving up his Catholic belief and becoming a Muslim.The actor, 59, admitted Islamic prayer "got into his spirit" while filming in Turkish city Istanbul.He said: "The Call...