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    For those who are missing Shahbaz Sharif in Pakistan...

    please enjoy this amazing clip of the “great administrator”
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    Has the revolution been cancelled?

    Shahbaz Shaif in London, resigned from PAC and parliament leader positions. Nawaz desperate for permission to fly to London? Does this mean the revolution has been CANCELLED? ABBOTTABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that he is an ideology within himself which will bring a revolution in...
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    IAF tacitly admits Balakot airstrike did not go according to plan

    I've been working in IT industry for over 20 years, and some projects I've worked on with Indian companies in London, like TCS and Wipro. And I've always said that they are not all that they are cracked up to be. For every one good developer I've come across, there have been 4 total duffers. On...
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    Nawaz admits he has no supporters or street power

    After spending a few days trying to start a free Nawaz movement, Nawaz and PMLN have seen thier efforts fall flat on their face and have admitted defeat. Expect for a few posts on social media and support from paid anchors like Najam Sethi, mujeeb ur Rehman, etc , there has been low to...
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    Narendra Modi v Imran Khan: Who won the war of perception?

    Note: This is by Indian BBC correspondent - Bold text is my highlighting With the imminent release of the Indian pilot captured by Pakistan, tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries over the attack in Kashmir are expected to abate. So who won the battle of perception during the crisis...
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    A sane and pragmatic analysis

    Wow, I didn't realize we had so many international diplomacy experts on this forum! I'm wondering how many of us have access to the full picture and all the talks going on behind the scenes? :) My (not so valuable) 2 cents; 1) None of us know what talks are going on behind the scenes - with...
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    Oscar winners!

    Best picture - Green Book Best actor - Rami Malik for Bohemian Rhapsody Best Actress - Olivia Coleman for The Favourite Best Actor in a supporting role - Nawaz Sharif for Matters of the Heart Best Actress in a supporting role - Maryam Nawaz for A failed revolution Best director - Alfonso...
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    Fake Accounts SC order: Recommended Reading

    Kindly request all to read the SC judgement before listening to PPP claims
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    PMLN membership drive fails to take off

    Looks like PMLN are having a hard time doing anything without the Punjab govt machinery behind them... In Mid dec they were going to launch their membership drive on 20th Dec 2018. "the party decided to launch a public mass contact campaign from Dec 30. Public rallies will be addressed by six...
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    Good News For Pakistan | British Airways returns to Pakistan after a decade | Zulfi Bukhari combine press conference

    Just saw a snippet on TV. Apparently British airways is restarting flights to Islamabad. Hopefully they will restart to Lahore and Karachi soon as well. Now it's even easier for Babloo and Ishaq Dar to come back to Pakistan and fight their case. (y):)
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    Abraaj offered $20 million for cooperation in the sale of its stake in K-Electric - Wall Street Journal

    Here you allegations from WSJ on sharif bros asking for $20 USD from investors who were planning to invest in k-electric. Kashif abbasi mentioned it in his program today See from ~3:23 Source Around the same time, Abraaj was looking to sell its stake in K-Electric Ltd., the...
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    Intl media on PMLN win in By-elections

    <Placeholder> I'll post if I find something. But looks like intl media don't care that much. Sorry to my noora brothers. :cry: