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    Dr Sania Nishtar appointed PM’s special aide on poverty alleviation

    Imran Khan's track record is not a s bad as Ishaq Dar, Hamza Shehbaz and Shehbaz Sharif for The DSP's wife Nawaz Sharif For Tahira Sayyad ....
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    What's the reality of Amnesty scheme? Will it be successful? Economist Haroon Khawaja elaborates

    this anchor is so annoying .... haroon khwaja has been very patient ... just a question ... who is this Haroon Khwaja is he the guy who launched his own political party .... in Nawaz time ... and was intimidated .. ?
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    سمندرمیں ڈرلنگ مکمل

    Don't think they have the balls ... Economic interests of USA and Italy is the biggest incentive for the protection of that rig... its a Joint Venture of 3 countries. Exxon Mobil has so far invested in it .... I think many-million Dollars so far .... and i am sure the Saudi investment in Gwadar...
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    سمندرمیں ڈرلنگ مکمل

    It is very much possible, any thing can happen .... but just wondering how can India destroy these reserves ... these reserves are up to 5 km below the sea bed i guess ...and it requires super duper expensive and rare machines to drill under this immense pressure ..... and i don't think there is...
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    Stephan Investigates Islamic Exorcism

    just for information sake .... could it be hypnotism he might have used?
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    CM Punjab approves new uniform for Punjab Police

    its better to change their uniform .... it resembles too much with the military uniform .... when i last went to pakistan i was a little surprise as why are there so many military personals in murree .... with Punjab Police attitude they should be given a rainbow uniform ....
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    ڈپریشن کا آسان علاج

    Depression is one of the biggest killers .... it is a very serious illness .... i certainly do not blame the people who commit suicide because they are normally not in their senses .... the pain inside is becomes so much that people tend to injure themselves to subside the internal pain ..... i...
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    ڈپریشن کا آسان علاج

    پریشانی حالات سے نھی خیالات سے ھوتی ھے۔
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    پاکستان کے مخدوش مالی حالات اور اسد عمر کے مشغلے

    Bhai Jan i will ask your boss to reprimand you for all of your weekend activities ...saying that the company is in crises and you are making a thread on adding "i dont care if it is saturday afternoon" you should be ashamed of your activities. How ridiculous will that sound. your next...
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    Sarfraz handed four-match suspension by ICC for racial comments

    Racist Remarks should not be tolerated and the ban is good .... but to be honest he actually gave him a compliment in Pakistani style .... except for the word "Kaalay" rest is a compliment to his good batting .and thats why i think he was quickly forgiven by the team south africa as well... In...
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    Renowned television and film actor Roohi Bano passes away

    Her Son was in our dorm in the boarding school .....he too was a troubled child, may be due to the family issues .... heard that Rohi lost her senses after his death ..... may Allah give her a better place in Jannah .... she suffered a lot in this life ....
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    Soon Valley Documentary

    AOA - any one having any contact which could get us a lease for an agriculture land of up to 10 acres. and what would be the estimated price? we are looking to invest in Tunnel Farming in Soon Valley or any place near Islamabad/Pindi or Murree. The Pakistani
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    This is how Moulana Tariq Jameel was welcomed by family after getting discharged from the hospital

    Afreen hai tumhari tarbiat pat .... KAKAMUNNA - kis kay munnay thay tum ...
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    2 things You Must Avoid in order to live a long life .

    And we were on the day of my release we were 4 patients in our ward and all of us were Asians .... 2 indians and two pakistanies, 3 out of 4 were between 35 to 41..... Our attitude toward our diet has already increased our risk of having heart attacks .....
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    2 things You Must Avoid in order to live a long life .

    Bhai ... I just had a heart attack last month .... and i am just 41, believe me Salt intake and Sugar are the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.... at the back of the Ambulance you just pray that you survive and would like a different life ...... I was lucky to have...
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    Police identifies, lodges case against the man harassing woman in a viral video

    This Bastard has ruined his family's name .... Abbasi baray proud hotay hain apnay khandani atwar par ..... seems like that was the thing of past .... now bastards like these will surely change the course .... Allah ki pakar hai is zalim par .... Lakh Lanat Haram khor tum par ....
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    Hammad Azhar gives explanation on Mobile Registrations & Duties

    will the second phone be exempt under the "roaming phone exemption clause" ?
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    Sami Ibrahim questions Sheikh Rasheed on his viral video with two females

    10 hazar log selfies laitay hain ... in ko problem sirf aik larki nai khula gala pehna hai is liay poori video ko mashkook kar dia .... most probably they are some girls from a function ...etc ya phir media ki larkian lagti hain .... the front one would be the makeup artist
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    My statement about calves taken as peculiar thing: Imran

    Ostrich Meat is getting quite famous as it has less cholesterol than chicken meat, but very difficult to find in the UK. £8 for 220g. I think Government should continue to fund ostrich farming in Pakistan, make cold storage and help farmers in exports as well.