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    Maryam Nawaz invites Bilawal Zardari for meeting at Jati Umrah

    NO one forced judges. Maryum forged trust deeds and then couldn’t show a money trail. THats the facts. If you have other facts please provide to Nani Maryum so she can use them on her appeal. Until then...chor ko izzat do! Hahahaha
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    Imran-Modi Handshake in Bishkek

    SO really you’re happy Ik and modi shook hands. Why didn’t you just say that in the first place? :)
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    Maryam Nawaz invites Bilawal Zardari for meeting at Jati Umrah

    Technically Maryum is a convicted criminal. Next election pmln slogan should be Chor ko izzat do! Hahahaha
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    Imran-Modi Handshake in Bishkek

    So you think our PM shouldn’t be friendly with indian PM? What should we do, start a war? Why do you hate Indians so much bro?
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    This is what happens when you are too arrogant.

    How exactly? It’s the Indians who are wasting fuel. Sometimes I don’t understand your logic? But anyway, how was your Friday bro? Did you get anywhere protesting with the 71 lawyers at SC? I kept waiting for the breaking news that govt has fallen but it never came. I guess the combo of lawyers...
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    NAB arrests PTI provincial minister Sibtain Khan

    Hmm, what a refreshing thread... All PTI supporters condemning the minister No pmln supporters condemning NAB :)
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    Chai Wala accorded Guard of Honor at Bishkek

    HEre you go bro Now you can go to sleep peacefully knowing our PM got More respect then the indian PM
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    Chai Wala accorded Guard of Honor at Bishkek

    Yes of course
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    Asif Zardari advises PM Imran Khan to resign and go home

    If he does, will dollar come down? How?
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    Asif Zardari shifted to Rawalpindi hospital over health complications

    Guess he had problems digesting halal food as well
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    Imran... the Slow Poison

    You mean poison like threating to hang zardari upside down and drag him through the streets, but when zardari is arrested crying and asking for his production orders? Such a confusing time for patwaris, they don't know if they should be happy that zardari is arrested, or sad that Nawaz's best...
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    Imran Khan's production orders will be issued, warns Saad Rafique

    Chaaaannnaaaa (of steel variety)! Lol
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    Najam Sethi's show banned in Pakistan

    LOL. Yes, because Nawaz could bear kind of criticism :) SO by your logic you admit nawaz was a facist? Or do your principles not apply to Nawaz?
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    Why is The Government of Pakistan Allowing Immoral Queen of corruption Do Jalsas?

    I kinda enjoy her frustrations and so called aggressive speeches. But when push comes to shove she is nowhere to be found. Empty vessel making a lot of noise. What’s even more amusing is out patwari friends who believe Maryum is actually going to take on the establishment. It’s hilarious really
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    Will present my stance in assembly, Hamza Shehbaz's media talk

    Won’t do any good there. Nawaz tried that, didn’t work. You can’t fight a legal battle politically. Looks like hamza hasn’t learned from history
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    PM Khan’s promise!! Your comment on this?

    At least one of us does. :) But I understand your frustration and inability to deal with the multiple contradictions of sharif clan
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    PM Khan’s promise!! Your comment on this?

    Oh, in case you are asking about Nawaz, they sure did. Nawaz was found guilty in two cases under section 9 of NAB law. The title of section 9 is “Corruption and corrupt practices”. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Me and you can argue all day, but that is what the law says. And please don’t...
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    PM Khan’s promise!! Your comment on this?

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    PM Khan’s promise!! Your comment on this?

    Do you mean like when shahbaz said he will hang zardari upside down and recover the stolen money and when zardari finally in jail shahbaz is asking for him to be let out? Or when Nawaz said in Parliament that London flats were bought from money from sale of Jeddah mills but in court presented a...