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    Bilawal as 'سلطانی گواہ'

    Rakhail say yaad aaya qatriyon ki rakhail kesi hai. Suna hai k qatriyon nay rakhail ka itna bura haal kiya tha k GHQ nay rakhail rakhnay sai inkar kar diya tha. Wesay nora bhi teen dafa rakhail bana tha magar is k gaaf kuch zayada moti hai pora tank le leti hai ander is liye isko bhi ab koi...
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    Nawaz Sharif is Completely Normal - Ch Ghulam Hussain

    Justify why should he be sent to england for treatment andof whynot here in Pakistan. He is a convicted crimnal. HeI must be treated according to law. And Maryam nawaz is also a big zani so lets not discuss zana. Just justify why should he not be treated pakistan. Zana is favorite pass...
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    Nawaz Sharif is Completely Normal - Ch Ghulam Hussain

    Tell your leader to get the treatment here in pakistan in the hospitals which he made for us the poor pakistanis. If he refuse to get treatment here then he deserve to die dog's death
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    Good news for economy of Pakistan, very well played Asad Umar & Imran Khan- Faisal Qureshi

    And that fat ass sitting in kotlakhpat does not even have a tv to watch. Means he thoroughly buggered by the one you called lagar bugar. Hehehe karma mate karma
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    American Guest Cynthia D. Ritchie Makes Every One Laugh By Her Comment About Nawaz Sharif

    In presence of panama rani the liar maryam nawaz, ISPR does not need to hire anyone. She is enough to destroy pmln completely and she has done this successfully. And also she loves kali chamri of qatri
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    PMLN Islamabad Convention

    You call this crowd, there are harldy 2000 heads. Have you also lost mind just like your leader who is abusing pakistan and pak army day and night and hoping to win by giving anti pakistan statements. Go get your self checked by some good doc mate
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    میاں جی کے وعدے۔۔۔

    Re: میاں جی کے وعدے GeoG you scum bag. You are defending the one who is world champion in corruption. Your daddy ishaq dollar said himself that they have taken 30 trillion in 30 months. ***** ka baap de ga ye qarza wapis.
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    Raheel sharif Will Kick Out Nawaz Sharif When Ever He Wants:Hassan Nisar Bashes Politicians

    Chu.iya stranger, porky burger keep barking bast.rds. you and your leaders have destroyed this country. Just wait and see whats gonna happen to you shi.s now
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    Nawaz govt. implementing NAP , government has released Rs.36 Crores for Raiwind palace :- Kashif Abb

    Where is thirdclass stranger, muqadas and dungar gujjar. Reply to this thread plzz
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    Nawaz Sharif ne Army se Panga Le Liya Hai.. Humayun Gauhar

    Bechari k comment se saaf zahir hai k aag lagi hoi hai aaj kal nooners ko. Ye ***** muqadas ki cheekhain bata rahi hain
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    Hakumat ka 2017 tak 10,000 MW bijli paida karne ka mansooba khatai mein par gaya

    Where is the master patwaran muqadas. Want your comments on this, patwaran.
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    Nawaz Sharif is intentionally making Pak-China corridor controversial to please his Arab and Indian

    You are indeed a nooner. Cant we see what blunders pmln is doing with this country, rigging is almost proved and this rigged govt is herself trying to make it controversial. Pti is only saying that route of the corridor should be the old one not the one which suits terrorists.
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    Shireen Mazaari Complete Press Conference , PML N Faisalabad Conspiracy EXPOSED with evidences

    Oye dumb ***. These are media fotages. Try and find a place to hide. You will see ur leadership hung on gallows soon
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    Chitrol of Nawaz & Shabhaz Sharif by Kashif Abbasi & others

    Kyun bohat takleef hoi kya apne najaiz papa nawaz aur shahbaz k kartoot dekh kar. Kahtay kya hain aur kartay kya hain ye ganday chor
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    Shahid Latif Analysis on Azadi Movement

    and you are son of a dog
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    Asad Umar Challenge to N.League "HIMMAT HAY TO KPK GOVT. GIRA DO"

    Which stupid here is supporting pmln. Go eat the dirt if you are supporting pmln. Look the bum who is claiming that pmln could have formed a govt. In kpk. This rubbish is overheard now come up witj some thibg different now you pmln losers.
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    New COAS Raheel Sharif profile and Family Background - Interesting Must See!!

    Re: Lt Gen Raheel Sharif profile and Family Background - Interesting Must See!! Well guys i know.gen sharif very well he was my adjutant in PMA a very prifessional and tough army officer and he hates india
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    Right To Information Bill in KPK.Apreciated by Umer Cheema.Cong PTI

    It all depends on who is implementing it. ik has a clean past and its absolutely corruption and so far not a single case of corruption in kpk, i mean high level, is reported in kpk. i must say weldone ik thats why i voted for you
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    Saleem Safi & Ansar Abbasi: Nawaz Sharif's US visit was complete failure.

    Chal toa hi bata de k kya kamyabi thi is trip mein. sawayai iske k tera malik nora zalil aur ruswa howa aur hum sab ko pata chal gaya k nora american agent hai.
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    KP Budget - Provincial Govt. employees to get 15pc raise in salaries

    Pir sab salaam. Its not the provincial gov which print notes its the job of federal govt. Secondly povinces manage from their own rsources to pay the pro incial servnats. Thirdly more curruncy wil be printed but that would be for the 1200 rs bheek federal govt has planned by continuing the...