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  1. zagyy

    China has invested $19b in CPEC projects: Yao Jing

    yeh news sirf USA aur IMF k lyey hai. Thats it. They dont want the IMF Money to be used for repayment of Chinese loans. Pakistan cannot give the full details of chinese loan to IMF, so they requested china to give a press release that China is not going to take back any loan during Current IMF...
  2. zagyy

    PIA reaches break-even in operating profit

    Tension kee baat nahi Boss!!. Why they give wrong Info to general Public. Let them give the Income statement instead of revenue statement. 100 Rs Ticket ke price increase karain to revenue barh jata hai. Save my post till the end of year. Aur saal k akhir main news parh lana." PIA ko arbon ka...
  3. zagyy

    PIA reaches break-even in operating profit

    This is another bulshit story. increase in revenue doesn't mean profit. revenue every year increase because of inflation, devaluation and other circumstances. main thing is a reduction in surplus expenses, overheads and administrative expenses. Income statement tells the real story not the...
  4. zagyy

    Caption Time

  5. zagyy

    Nawaz Sharif's medical tests to be completed early next week - Maryam Nawaz

    ON 10 April 2019 Maryam Tweet Will Be: "AS per the Reports Nawaz Sharif has many complications. His heart needs another stunt He needs a bypass surgery as well His brain is not getting full oxigen He has a severe kidny failure he has erectile dysfunction His sugar level is low and chances are...
  6. zagyy

    What has Benazir done for Pakistan? Serious question !

    Among them was a company called Petroline FZC, based in the United Arab Emirates. Mr Volcker's inquiry found it traded $144m of Iraqi oil, and made $2m of illegal payments to Saddam Hussein's regime. I think it is a proof I was telling u, I didnt read this news. whatwever i told you I heared...
  7. zagyy

    What has Benazir done for Pakistan? Serious question !

    you need to study that oil for food programm It was illegal to do business with iraq and she made billions using her ex pm tag. it was a corrtption.
  8. zagyy

    What has Benazir done for Pakistan? Serious question !

    Furthe Further if some Reporter wants to interview her I can arrange
  9. zagyy

    What has Benazir done for Pakistan? Serious question !

    Ask Bilawal the name of his Morrocan Teacher. She taught her french, math etcc
  10. zagyy

    What has Benazir done for Pakistan? Serious question !

    I can prove that she was corrupt, she was involve in Illegal Business of Oil for food (Iraq) . She was living in Dubai at that time and her translater for all communication with Iraq is still livng in Dubai. She was the teacher of Be Nazir Kids as well. She use to teach them French, Mathimatics...
  11. zagyy

    Worst conditions of PTI management. Everyday new scandal

    Boss all developed countries had the same kind of airports when they were not developed. When country make progress every thing develop simultaneously. I have seen that Dubai Airport has Changed 3 to 4 times from 2001 onward as per their expanded requirement.
  12. zagyy

    Worst conditions of PTI management. Everyday new scandal

    This is not a big Issue. when these Pakistanies go abroad they dont utter a single word just stay in the que quietly. I think the problem here is unexpected arrivalal of many flights at the same time. I travel frequently, never seen this kind of rush because our airports are not busy like...
  13. zagyy

    Pakistan to be merged with India after 2025: RSS leader Indresh Kumar

    I dont know why people put these kind of posts with the people have shitty faces. These MF every day sends their existing Indian muslims to Pakistan. Why dont they wait till 2025?? Nonsence
  14. zagyy

    Terrorist’s 80 page manifesto

    These european countries and american countries are helpless. They cannot stop immigration. The best immigrants for them are kids. Muslims have highest birth rates. They have to have the migrants to fund their social and medical expenses. Most countries are having a problem of older population...
  15. zagyy

    China refuses to support Pakistan in India-Pakistan Possible Conflict

    Lo Bhai Tumhari Mushkil asaan ho gai. Now you feel free to attack on Pakustan. MF Before you were scared from china thats why you got your ass kicked by Pakistan. We trust ourselves and will kick your Butts again.
  16. zagyy

    ملکی تاریخ کی بد ترین حکومت

    Neechey haath laga k check karo kahin khoon to nahi nikal raha.? Sharam to tum ko aati nahi. poorey Pakistan kee party ab sindh main bhee akhri sansain le rahi hai. This is because of your good governence.
  17. zagyy

    2 parachutes can be clearly seen in these amateur videos...

    There were 2 pilots for sure as many videos are emerging along with the pess breifing of ISPR regarding 2 pilots. This story took another Twist. When ISPR realized that the second pilot is from israel, they changed the statement and said they have only one Indian pilot and hide the other one...
  18. zagyy

    Indian SC reserves verdict on mediation in Babri Masjid case

    The timing of decision shows that it is going to be in the favour of hindus
  19. zagyy

    America Announces New Visa Policy For Pakistan

    5 years visa was helping theives of Pakistan Good news