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    Imran Khan paints US as abandoner of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Well done PM IK Many Pakistani people here not even capable of doing speech front of YouTube cameras yet itself front of Podium at Virtual UN meeting !
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    Pakistan is an abnormal country, India is a normal country: Pervez Hoodbhoy

    Sure India is normal country: 150k Kashmiri killed mass genocide Ethnic violence in every state province Rape capital for women of the planet Mega corruption money laundering all its major banks Media telling lies, falsified data, data fabrication to manipulation of facts on daily news broadcast...
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    Israel doing whatever they want inside Iran from 1000 miles away

    Next nuclear country comes Australia, as America's has decided to arm Aussies with nuclear submarines in Aukus.
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    ارجنٹائن کاامریکا، روس،بھارت کی آفرز ٹھکرا کرپاکستانی جےایف17 خریدنےکافیصلہ

    This will be 3rd country to order jf17s Follow by Iraq, Azerbaijan and Malaysia also inshallah
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    Another Pakistani shot & killed in Canada father in serious condition

    The problem is with those Pakistani who call themselves liberal Pakistani they don't have the balls to pick a fight with hindu or white racists. Therefore to even carry a 9mm is beyond their wildest imaginations they're the most weakest ethnic group allowing all sorts of crimes against them...
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    Pakistani Army Generals are failing to protect Jawans lives!!!

    You're old fart, and with no wife, got nothing better to do come to forums spread your pathetic virus in wrong direction. Fuck yourself in your last dying days !!!!
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    Pakistani Army Generals are failing to protect Jawans lives!!!

    r..don't know why u even are here
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    Pakistani Army Generals are failing to protect Jawans lives!!!

    Absolutely rock solid 7 soldiers killed today
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    What is the message of Imran Khan to the west in his interview?

    Very clear & fact of most Pakistani don't have courage, nerves of steal or guts to speak the way he does. He was a cricket captain for years how many Pakistani do you know who held position if power from day 1? There is the problem with average mindset.
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    First lady out in public today-Is this linked to what's happening in Afgh?

    She is a great role model for all those half hearted Pakistani women who adapt western non hijaabi clothes. We need to promote her in Arab duniyia.
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    People living in Canada.....

    Same hindu Indian spreading Bullsh!t With False ÌD
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    People living in Canada.....

    Half the people of Pakistan I know are on pR card status unable to vote
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    امراللہ صالح وادی پنجشیر میں اپنے بھائی کے قتل ہونے پر رنجیدہ

    No target him and execute him at once! For hatred creation against Pakistan.
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    Why is media upset with PMDA laws?

    This becoming into LAW is best thing happened to Pakistan media since Ppp & Pmln corrupted them. Pmln PPP gave incentives to media + anchors to publish news in their favor turning a BLIND eye to Patriot citizens. This made reporting inside Pakistan chaotic and playing in hands of India. I...
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    India's rape problem - Every 15 mins rape is reported - RT

    India is Hell for beautiful women
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    Breaking: Taliban has killed Rohullah Saleh (Amarullah Saleh's brother)

    Confirmed news
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    The most dangerous country in the world for women?

    India is rape & murder capital for women in world
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    National Geographic Documentary on Indian attack & Pakistan Response

    Simply the truth told as reported by world media front of Endian lies
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    Rain exposes inefficiency of civic authorities in Peshawar

    This failure is to do with Nawaz the Moran super thief for being elected x3 as PM and didn't bother to fix infrastructure of whole Pakistan simply
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    Maryam Nawaz Jail Jaen Gi ? Siddique Jan Discuss Maryam Nawaz Case

    I'm so happy to see this bitch put in prison for she thinks she above whole Pakistani people, I personally want her punishment with hard physical labour for the sh!t she barks in her speeches