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    Please add dark mode support.

    Please add dark mode\theme support. Thats all 🙂
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    PTI declares Nawaz Shareef is innocent

    According to New Imran Khan's new standard one cannot be guilty if you cannot prove anything against him. Means if a robber loot someone and someone cannot prove...
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    PTI: Principles OR Compromises?

    The only political party I ever supported was PTI, when it was still a small party long before October 2011. I supported PTI because I could relate my ideals with PTI ideology and what party stands for. Biggest appeal for me was party slogan for Justice and Principle. Today PTI stands at...
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    Google cookies to NSA is like Laser pinpoint for target

    NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking BY ASHKAN SOLTANI, ANDREA PETERSON, AND BARTON GELLMAN December 10 at 8:50 pm A slide from an internal NSA presentation indicating that the agency uses at least one Google cookie as a way to identify targets for exploitation...
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    Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

    Mighty, Muslim and Leaping Off the PageMarvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero By GEORGE GENE GUSTINES Published: November 5, 2013 With most superheroes, when you take away the colorful costume, mask and cape, what you find underneath is a white man. But not...
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    Ghamidi Ke Saath - 28th June 2013 - All Messengers brought Islam

    کیا تمام انبیا اسلام لے کر آئے تھے؟ اہل کتاب دوست نہیں ہوسکتے تو ان کی خواتین کے ساتھ شادی کیسے ہوسکتی ہے؟ کیا یہودی و نصاریٰ توحید کے پوری طرح علمبردار ہیں؟ 115885 Source:
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    Ghamidi Ke Saath - 22nd June 2013 - Pakistan Ka Sab se Bara Masla

    111422 Source: SAMAA TV
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    Ghamidi Ke Saath - 14th June 2013 - Democracy: in Accordance Or Contrary to Islam

    Democracy: in Accordance Or Contrary to Islam Questions: Kiya Aayin torna gunnah kabirah hai? Allama Iqbal Jamhooriyat ko Changhezi kiyo kehta thay? Agar ek Aamir Jamhoori Haqoomat se behtar Kaam karae to Kiya uski taaied ki jasakti hai? Jamhooriyat me awaam Haqq or Batil ka faisla krtay ya...
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    Indian jets violated Pakistan's Air space for 2 mins...

    SIALKOT: Two Indian fighter planes entered Pakistans airspace near Head Sulemanki border. According to initial details, the fighter planes entered Pakistani territory at around 10:41am and stayed there for around two minutes. The planes were reportedly five to seven miles inside Pakistan. As...
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    Deen-e-Aman or Intahapasandi - Ghamidi Ke Saath - SAMAA TV - 7/8/2013

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    Pakistan Faces Struggle to Keep Its Lights On

    A week before he is to be sworn in as Pakistan’s prime minister for the third time, Nawaz Sharif has secured one form of power, yet now faces a fierce battle to find another. Electricity shortages, bad for years, have reached crisis proportions. Lights go out for at least 10 hours a day in...
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    Riyadh bailout package for energy starved Islamabad

    Riyadh bailout package for energy starved Islamabad In the recently concluded elections in Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, chief of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), emerged victorious to form a new coalition government for next five years, a record third time in...
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    D'ont miss Special report: Roots of Impunity #MQM # WaliKhanBabar

    1. The Murder of Wali Khan BabarOn January 13, 2011, Wali Khan Babar, a 28-year-old correspondent for Geo TV, was driving home after covering another day of gang violence in Karachi. Babar was an unusual face on the airwaves: Popular and handsome, he was a Pashtun from Zhob in Baluchistan near...
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    After Decades of Neglect, Pakistan Rusts in Its Tracks

    RUK, Pakistan — Resplendent in his gleaming white uniform and peaked cap, jacket buttons tugging his plump girth, the stationmaster stood at the platform, waiting for a train that would never come. “Cutbacks,” Nisar Ahmed Abro said with a resigned shrug. Ruk Station, in the center of...
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    Naya Pakistan Mubarak!

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    An Open Letter to PTI Supporters

    Dear Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaafs supporters, This is something that Ive wanted to write about for long. Im not a supporter of PTI but I am miffed at many of you who are, and no, this is not another in the long list of posts written by victims of the trolls. This is about the general, average...
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    Glow TV - who will you vote for ?

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    Who to vote? - Javed Ghamidi | Elections 2013 Pakistan

    Who to vote? How should we vote? what should be the criteria on which we should vote? An Important Question & Answers session with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi before elections. 76979 Admin kindly do not merge this thread.
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    Saleem Safi fake account on twitter. is real account of Saleem Safi and and others are fake.
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    پیپلز پارٹی کی تلاش