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  1. Munawarkhan

    Rupee slide explained, busting Shahbaz Rana's propaganda

    Injection or not: the Rupee slide explained KARACHI: There is a lot of buzz surrounding the rupee’s slide against the dollar and more importantly of an injection by the SBP equivalent to Rs1.2 billion. In a scoop, Shehbaz Rana of Tribune claims that the SBP pumped Rs1.2 billion into the...
  2. Munawarkhan

    no more freedom of opinion in Pakistan's digital media

    A forum where basically you can embarass any Prime Ministers, President, artist, politician, general, maulvi, judges but there is some, who you cannot speak against. YES, you guessed it right. You cannot speak against Authors. I made a post yesterday on a article and felt...
  3. Munawarkhan

    Another girl molested on 14th August at Mazar e Quaid

    for all those who thought that shame the victim to hide the crime, another incident happened at Mazar e Quaid on National Day.
  4. Munawarkhan

    Pakistani men should go through mental fitness test.

    Seeing how low we are stopping with every passing year, there should be a menta health check mandatory for all men in Pakistan. Starting from age 12 or puberty, every year they should go through this test to find out if they are fit to roam openly between people or locked up for treatment.
  5. Munawarkhan

    Will Shahbaz Sharif get showcause notice?

    Rana Tanveer just called out the head of his party; saying his statement on overseas voting is not in line with the party. so should pmlun serve showcause notice to him? When will Pakistan get rid of these puppet clowns
  6. Munawarkhan

    Pmln conspiracy against Pakistan

    PMLN is the scum of this nation. They’d go to any length, even if it means damaging a Pakistan just to get their political agenda. i’m sure a lot of patwaris like Rajarawal111 Awan S wull still find a way to defend this. No action will be taken by party against Rana Sanaullah, instead you will...
  7. Munawarkhan

    DFC1: Did Imran Khan ever praise Dutch PM bicycling to office?

    (DFC)Debunking False Claims: I want to start a new series raising flag for all false quotes & statements associated with Imran Khan, starting with a very famous one. You might have heard this famous statement by multiple members of opposition, journalists, media & other influencers that: "...
  8. Munawarkhan

    Live Test Match - Pakistan vs South Africa Day 1

    you can watch it live here
  9. Munawarkhan

    جھوٹ، دھوکہ، چوری، ملک سے غداری اور خود غرضی، ہم بس ایسے ہی ہیں

    شبر زیدی نے کہا ۱- میں سات انڈسٹریز پہ ٹریک اینڈ ٹریس لگانے کی کوشش میں تھا جیسے سیمنٹ، سیگریٹ وغیرہ، لیکن ہم ناکام ہو گئے، سیگریٹ پہ لگایا گیا تو عدالت سے سٹے آرڈر آ گیا، ۲- میری کوشش تھی ایف بی آر کو بینکنگ ڈیٹا تک رسائی حاصل ہو، پاکستان میں بزنس اکاونٹ 4 کروڑ ہیں لیکن ٹیکس میں 1 کروڑ...
  10. Munawarkhan

    Case to be filed against Imran for speaking against army: Maryam Safdar

    ISLAMABAD: PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday said she would fight for the rights of Kashmiris, and alleged that it was Imran Khan who had lost the case of Kashmir to Indian Prime Minister Modi. While addressing the party workers on the occasion of the foundation day of PML-N...
  11. Munawarkhan

    Fazl-ur-Rehman is asking army to take over the country

    Imran Khan in just one of his speeches, drew an analogy with cricket for Nawaz Sharif ousting and said "Umpire ki ungli uthnay wali hai" A narrative was build around it saying Imran Khan is calling Army the umpire and PTI for years had to defend themselves from the slander they got after it...
  12. Munawarkhan

    Indian anchor Arnab Goswami dragged by police from his house.

    Poor guy kept dictating police as if they were invited to his show, at the end they dragged him out of the house.
  13. Munawarkhan

    Abdul Latif Afridi (Latif lala) from symbol of democracy to GANGSTER OF LAW

    Abdul Lateef Afridi is being hailed a hero for winning Supreme Bar Council election, after serving as vice-chairman for Pakistan Bar Council. He has also served as President of Peshawar High Court Bar Association. won the President election of PHCBA 5 times. Ofcourse there should be a huge...
  14. Munawarkhan

    When will Imran Khan bring back local governments as promised?

    Grassroots democracy About two years ago, when Prime Minister Imran Khan was elected, in his first speech to the nation, he promised to foster a culture of grassroots democracy all over Pakistan. Grassroots democracy was one of the main promises that convinced 1.7 crore ordinary Pakistani to...
  15. Munawarkhan authors have gone bonkers.

    Just read this article and tell me if it makes any sense. There should be a way to report articles also. They are ruining their own repo by posting retarded stuff. ایف اے ٹی ایف کا ایک اور مطالبہ منظور، محکمہ ڈاک کو آن لائن کر دیا گیا The article says that Pakistan Post is reforming...
  16. Munawarkhan pushing users to use their blog for discussion instead of forum

    This is not the first time that I've noticed threads disappearing and losing out to "Urdu Khabrain" since its launch has struggled to create engagement on their blog and has now started this trend of killing threads on important news and posting them as blog. I'm not the most active...
  17. Munawarkhan

    PTI needs better communication in Sindh

    The biggest problem with PTI is incompetent spokesperson. Not all but some are absolutely lazy. I was watching this program below and Haleem Adil Sheikh came to represenr PTI. The program was purely on KElectric, only one topic. The guy Haleem had no clue what is happening, why did he...
  18. Munawarkhan

    Indian Media reads out news from a fake WhatsApp forward.

    Indian media made up a news of fallen Chinese soldiers based on a WhatsApp forward and read it out on National TV. Journalism on both sides of the border now mostly relies on fake WhatsApp forwards.
  19. Munawarkhan

    100-day performance. Do you think it should be kept updated

    The govt issued its 100 days performance report based on the targets that they set. we agree and accept that some targets were highly Challenging and couldn’t be completed. the question now is did they complete these now after a period of one year? should they keep the website updated? Maybe...