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    About Quraan for Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and other educated people

    azizaane man, jo baaten main kerne laga hun un per zaraa ghoro fiker kijiye ga. mere liye nahin baatun ko samajhne ya samjhaane ke liye. kyunkeh ye baaten deene islam yaani quraan ka bunyaadi taqaaza hen jin ko logoon ka jaan lena laazmi hai warna un ke musalmaani ke daawe sirf daawe hi rahen ge...
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    Do humans have needed knowledge to discuss God, revelation and creation properly?

    Do humans have needed knowledge to discuss God, revelation and creation properly? I am of the view that we human beings are still not knowledgeable enough to talk about God, his revelation and creation properly. I think so because I see people lack knowledge about some very basic things...
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    Can originality of the Quran be clearly proven? (A MUST READ FOR ALL)

    Many books have been written by nonmuslims and muslims alike on the subject of originality and validity of the quran but none of them really shows proper understanding of this subject. The same is true about many videos on internet about it such as one can find on youtube etc. Can the...
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    Surah 80 Abasa - Ghulam Ahmed Pervez

    80 Surah Abasa Ayah 01 80 Surah Abasa Ayah 01 To 16 80 Surah Abasa Ayah 17 To End
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    Surah Al Muddassir

    74 Sura Al Mudassir Ayah 01 to 06 74 Sura Al Mudassir Ayah 06 to 26 74 Sura Al Mudassir Ayah 27 to 32 74 Sura Al Mudassir Ayah 33 to end
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    Surah Attoor

    52 Surah at Tur Ayah 01 To 16 52 Surah at Tur Ayah 17 To 25 52 Surah at Tur Ayah 25 To 38 52 Surah at Tur Ayah 38 To End
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    Surah Al Muzzammil

    73 Surah al-Muzzammil Ayah 01 To 09 73 Surah Al-Muzzammil 10- End 73 Surah al-Muzzammil Ayah 10 To End
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    I need help to embed an audio player on this site?

    Is it possible to embed the following audio file on this forum? <iframe src="" width="500" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" allowfullscreen></iframe> Thanks in advance for any help.
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    pehla pakistani kon tha?

    Admin, please do not delete or merge this thread, thanks.
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    Hebrew is mother of arabic?

    For better understanding things about the quran see HERE and HERE.
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    Duniyaa ka ilm aur deen ka ilm asal main hen kia?

    1)quran duniya ka ilm us ko kehta hai jisse kaainaat ki samajh aati hai keh yeh kahaan se aayee, kaise aayee, kyun aayee aur yeh kaise kaam karti hai apne maqsade takhleeq ko poora karne ke liye waghera waghera. isi liye quran main jaga jaga kaainaat par ghoro fikar karne ki dawat di gayee hai...
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    21st century and our mentality

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    Tehreeke Pakistan asal main ahyaaye deene islam ki tehreek thi

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    Quran Aur Science (ghor se sunane waali baaten)
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    None can understand anything in life without experimental knowledge

    It is very important for all people to realise that none can understand anything at all without going through process of learning by way of direct interaction with things. This being the case, how can people claim they know the quran when they have no idea about real world realities that the...
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    To deliberately misinterpret and misrepresent message of quran is dangerous, why?

    It is very dangerous for humanity to deliberately misinterpret and misrepresent the message of the quran because the quran itself carries many warnings in it. The context of the message of the quran is very simple in this regard ie make proper sense of the message of the quran and follow it...
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    History of Pakistan

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