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    Jahangir Tareen on PM Imran Khan's comments about him

    He does look weak and ill...May Allah bless you with good health.
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    Pakistan's IT exports surge 24% despite Covid-19

    This dept definitely needs a special attention as it can lift Pakistan in no time
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    Data has Proved Prevailing Suspicion about Patwaris & Jiyalas!!!

    They’re living up to their repo...khau qabeela
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    I hope Saudi Arabia will support us on Kashmir issue - Shah Mahmood Qureshi

    This was a good move by Shah Mahmood to test the Saudi least they’re aware of the feelings we hold for Kashmiris, and it’s a serious matter
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    ANP's Mian Iftikhar Hussain clarifies his statement about Israel

    Uturn? Rajarawal111 ... oh raja saab ennu ki naam dio ge according to your logic?
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    حمزہ جب اسمبلی جاتےہیں تو کئی دفعہ وہ پرویز الہی کےچیمبر میں بیٹھے ہوتےہیں

    Because Chaudhrys have killed their repo so suspicion is a natural phenomenon
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    We are accused of being a Lifafa for Spreading Fake News!!!

    Inki haraam khanay waali adat itni jaldi nai janay wali
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    Heated arguments between PTI and PMLN supporters

    Khota biryani ka asar hai inn pe....look at Rajarawal111 and Shah Shatranj
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    نوازشریف معاہدے کے تحت باہر گئے، جس کی عمران خان کو سمجھ نہیں آئی- شیخ رشید

    Khata hai toh lagata bhi hai...yeh salay iss rule k tehat zindagi guzaar rahay hein
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    IK to kick off "Sehat Insaf Program" (One Million Coverage/Family)!!!

    Actually Nawaz Shareef approved this project before he got on the plane to London.
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    2nd wave? Spain, South Korea see big jump in new coronavirus cases

    Precautions!!! Precautions!!! Precautions Until a vaccine is available
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    عدالت نے نواز شریف کو غیر قانونی ضمانت دی : جنرل امجد

    The most corrupt institution of Pakistan is judiciary
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    Can you please remove this post and stop promoting such idiots
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    شہباز گل نے نہال ہاشمی کو بدتمیز اداکار قرار دیدیا

    Nehal hashmi shakal se hi kitna sacha aadmi lagta hai...😷