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  1. Will_Bite

    طالبان کی حمایت عمران نیازی نے پاکستان کی قبر کھود دی

    Then you must sob for the day when your own benazir laid the foundations of these very taliban..
  2. Will_Bite

    Ummah ko Chummah!

    Are you saying this because according to your analogy, UAE should be siding with Palestine, and not engage in any trade with Israel? . . . . . . Please say the same for Palestine as well, as they have historically sided with India, and never sided with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue....and I will...
  3. Will_Bite

    بیڈ گورننس کے بعد بھی پی ٹی آئی کانمبر ون آنا،میری عوام کو سلام۔ارشاد بھٹی

    It's obvious the general public is more aware than your sorry ass
  4. Will_Bite

    خبر کا سورس ایکسپوز کرنے لگےتو ہمیں خبر کون دے گا۔ کاشف عباسی

    Noone cares about your shitty sources. All that's needed is for your news to be verifiable. If you can't verify your source, don't run it.
  5. Will_Bite

    اتنی ٹی سی تو ہماراکونسلرہماری نہیں کرتاجتنی صدرصاحب آج کی کررہےتھے۔طلال

    Tum logon ko tumharay Ghar walay izzat Nahin detey, union councillor kya dey ga. Tanzeem saaz bhaand
  6. Will_Bite

    تبدیلی کا کیڑا دفن۔۔۔ خدا واسطے پاکستان بچالو،مبشر لقمان کی اپیل

    Since when did he become a journalist? He's Dr. Shahid Masood, 2.0
  7. Will_Bite

    پکی کپاس کی فصل پر بارش کسان تباہ

    Are you implying that bilawal can never be pm as his lifestyle would invite azab as well, like what happened to qaum-e-lut?
  8. Will_Bite

    حکومت عمر شریف کیلئے امریکا میں کینسر کے علاج کیلئے مدد کرے گی ، اہلیہ

    blocking you involves clicking on your name. youre not worthy of that. Id much rather click reply and explain the difference between ignore and block....but i can see its already been done above.
  9. Will_Bite

    حکومت عمر شریف کیلئے امریکا میں کینسر کے علاج کیلئے مدد کرے گی ، اہلیہ

    You know what happens to limbs when they get gangrene? That's what I've done to you. Talking about Ecnomics or finance with you is akin to Abid Sher Ali advising a doctor on surgical procedures, or Rana Sana trying to give birth. Dead end
  10. Will_Bite

    EVM can open up possibility of 'more sophisticated fraud': ECP

    They want the old school style fraud which can be left pending in courts for decades
  11. Will_Bite

    پاکستان دو دہائیوں سے کہتا رہا،افغانستان اندرونی مسائل سے ناکام ہو رہا ہے

    all of a sudden information coming from Iran is gospel for CNN. And what a shitty response to the picture of the fake jet picture from indian media...(this is their take, and i have heard yours)? Ever thought of calling a spade a fucking spade? losers.
  12. Will_Bite

    Bilawal & Jialas didn’t pay Toll tax -

    کہاں سے دے گا ٹول؟ بیچارے کے گھر کا خرچ فالودے والا اٹھاتا ہے.
  13. Will_Bite

    پی ٹی آئی کے 2018 والےووٹر کوابھی بھی کوئی متبادل نظرنہیں آرہا۔مظہر عباس

    In other words, 2023, welcome back PTI (Minus the plmq and mqm clowns)
  14. Will_Bite

    ریما عمر کی چولوں سے تنگ آ گئیں ہیں یہ 😂

    I bet Reema didn't expect the prof to come and defend her book. Reema was caught with her pants down and was too sheepish to admit it
  15. Will_Bite

    Breaking: Cat is finally out of the Bag. Ahmadinejad on Indian Media.

    Nothing new. Kulbushan came from Iran, remember? Our neighbors are all pricks, except for China
  16. Will_Bite

    پاکستان افغانستان کے اندرونی معاملات میں مداخلت نہ کرے، مریم نواز

    مریم پاکستان کے اندرونی معاملات میں مداخلت نہ کرے. تمہارا پاکستان سے کچھ لینا دینا نہیں ہے. تم لوگ یہاں صرف لوٹ مار کے لئے آتے ہو . عیدیں، شادیاںپراپرٹیز تمہاری لندن میں ہوتی ہیں.
  17. Will_Bite

    Tomorrow PSX Stock market is going to crash as it going be downgraded.

    Downside has already been accounted for. This announcement is old. Stop spreading meaningless panic