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    Those who lost their own worth in an attempt to defame Imran Khan.

    “Hamari London to kia Pakistan main bhi...” bhoojo to janay :P ..... fact is you are one of the paid patwaris of Miss Calibri and feed on her haram nawalay...
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    Multan Metro Bus turns into "White Elephant" for treasure

    Gareebon ko achay school aur hospitals chahye.... yeh tum jaisay khota khor insano ko lagta hay k metro inki zaroorat hay...yehi paisa human development aur basic needs par istimal ho sakta tha...
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    امریکی خاتون اسلام آباد ائیرپورٹ کے فرش پر کیوں لیٹ گئی؟

    Name main typo ho gya tha...bhaibarood nai bhaimardood likhna tha...
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    Why PM Imran Khan allowed Nawaz Sharif to go London?? Details by Siddique Jan

    Better than licking the haram bones you feeding upon from the corrupt looters so called leaders like Nawaza lohar , Maryam Calibri or their touts. Mard k bachy ho to halal kama kar khao.
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    Why PM Imran Khan allowed Nawaz Sharif to go London?? Details by Siddique Jan

    Buddy, you are exposing yourself by defending the corrupt looters of this country. But then I dont blame you, you are just doing namak halali. Its not an easy task for you to defend the corrupt leaders of yours, who the whole world knows have earned haram wealth.
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    Barish, Sardi - Dharna Participants ki Wapsi Shiroo

    Bhaimardood to apni dihari lagata hay is forum par aa kar...corrupt leaders ko defend karna aasan kaam to nai...dost na tang karo mardood bhai ko :D
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    Barish, Sardi - Dharna Participants ki Wapsi Shiroo

    Aik bhaimardood he sacha hay...baki poori dunya jhooti :D
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    Watch how Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman respect his workers?

    Aap cheza lain ya apnay leaders ka danda, aapka apna mamla hay...Apnay leader ka name to phir b nai lia...nawaz lohar ya mr 10% zardari
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    Watch how Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman respect his workers?

    Bhaimardood nay namak halal to karna hay phir apnay leaders ka, jinka pata b hay k corrupt hain aur mulk ko loot kar kha gye hain... waisay aap b koi chotay munafik to nai, jab pata hay k aap un lanti logo ko defend kar rhay ho jo haram or corruption ka paisa kha rhay , phir b namak halali...
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    Stray reflections on Kashmir strategy by Zaid Hamid

    You are a moron to accuse another muslim of blasphemy. You should be ashamed of your foul mouth and filthy tongue. You have no sources to back your claim.
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    What is the maximum speed of Shaheen-3

    You mean fire on you guys, Indian Chaddis? Everyone knows you as a well cursed chaddi on this forum. Dont hide your identity.
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    Modi is losing grip in India and on Internationally

    Very informative...Keep up the good work!
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    Terrible situation in Kashmir - Hold your Breaths!

    Chaddi lal yeh fake video nai guys have 700,000 army in India Occupied Kashmir to stop the Kashmiris from rising up. There are several UN reports out there about Indian attrocities on local Kashmiris.
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    Traitor in Action - Viral these videos so treason trial can start on Sicilian Mafia's boss

    Good job in exposing the corrupt traitor blood of Sharif family...Let’s see how many pmln paid patwari media cell members come here to defend their Maryam baji to halal their haram earned income :D
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    Imran Khan: ISI General asked me to join PMLQ & support General Musharaf

    Thanks for tagging your chaddi friends. Paid media cell of Maryam Calibri as well as her RAW backed dogs.
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    CCTV Picture of Judge Arshad Malik meeting Nasir Butt in his office

    Nawaz Sharif was convicted on Iqama not on these cases. Get your facts straight. Also try finding a different means to earn money rather than defending the corrupt leaders and eating the lifafa from their haram earned money.
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    Public's message for "selectors"

    Mr. Donnut....the known haram lifafa khor trying so hard to show that public is not with PTI. What a looser! We the people of PK support an honest leader like Imran Khan.
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    The one catch that became the reason Pakistan is out of world cup

    That is not correct. Cricket is worshiped in Pakistan. When these guys get choosen to represent the country, they should perform and give it their best rather than sitting in sheesha clubs. Bunch of loosers!