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  1. miafridi

    بتایا تھا نا؟ جہانگیر ترین کے فارورڈ بلاک پر مریم قطری کا طنز

    Calibri jhooti is always available for cheap publicity.
  2. miafridi

    Govt installs EVM at Parliament House to check accuracy

    The federal government has installed an electronic voting machine (EVM) at the Parliament House in a bid to observe its accuracy and efficiency for usage in the upcoming general elections. A display centre of the EVM has been set up at the Gate No 1 of the Parliament House and a technical...
  3. miafridi

    Remittances hit all time high of $2.8 billion in April 2021

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday praised overseas Pakistanis for sending a record $2.8 billion in remittances in April. "I have always believed Overseas Pakistanis to be our greatest asset," the premier said in a Twitter post today. "In April, your remittances rose to an...
  4. miafridi

    Locals Feel Angry & Abandoned: US Troops Turning Afghanistan Into Scrapyard

    The world is driven by interest, so whatever they are doing is no different.
  5. miafridi

    ہماری اسٹیبلشمنٹ سے جنگ کب تھی؟ جلسوں میں باتیں ہوتی رہتی ہیں، شاہد خاقان

    Where are the fools who actually believed in the slogans of corrupt and absconder Nawaz Sharif.
  6. miafridi

    وزیر اعظم عید والے دن بھی بس شہباز شریف،شہباز شریف کرتے ہیں:مریم اورنگزیب

    PML-N ka Shehbaz Sharif ki Pakistan main Eid manaanay par izhaaar e Afsos. 😅 🤣
  7. miafridi

    عوام بیوقوف نہیں، آپ ذہنی مریض ، پاگل اور بیوقوف لگ رہے ہیں،مریم اورنگزیب

    Chor machae shor. 🤣 😂 😅 Corrupt opposition is losing their mind and patience. The more they are away from corruption the more they will go crazy.
  8. miafridi

    ایک نہیں دو پاکستان

    Ziada nuqsan Nawaz Sharif ka hi huwa hai aur osko ab officially absconder ya bagorhay ka Title mil chuka hai jo Kabhi Jeddah bhaagta hai, kabhi USA, toh kabhi London woh bhi fake deals aur Beemari k bahanay bana kar. Imran khan ko toh faida pohancha hai k na sirf ab woh Maryam Safdar aur...
  9. miafridi

    رنگ روڈ۔۔دوسرا پاناما اسکینڈل

    Ring road type scandal is a routine matter for parliamentarians and bureaucrats to get rich, But the difference is Imran khan who is not only against such norms but is also not hesitant to take action against his own ministers and government. But Lifafa chaudhry is not giving credit to Imran...
  10. miafridi

    ایک نہیں دو پاکستان

    But let's not forget that PTI has learnt it's lesson from the Nawaz Sharif Drama.
  11. miafridi

    دنیا ماننے لگی پاکستان کو لیکن مین سٹریم میڈیا پاکستان کے کچھ اینکر

    Imran khan ne economy ko default honay say bacha kar ab stablize kar diya hai.
  12. miafridi

    US role in Afghanistan minor, ball in Pakistan court now, Ghani says

    KABUL/ISLAMABAD: As the United States has started formally withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, beginning the end of what President Joe Biden called “the forever war”, President Ashraf Ghani emphasised the “need” for a decision on peace by the regional players and Europe to “get Pakistan on...
  13. miafridi

    منصور علی خان کو 2 آئی فونز اور 20 لاکھ کی آفر کس نے کی؟

    These are not blames but our assessment about him. An assessment using the brain provided by Allah which is how we also know the existence of Allah without seeing or listening him. There are so many things about this anchor to call him a Lifafa.
  14. miafridi

    منصور علی خان کو 2 آئی فونز اور 20 لاکھ کی آفر کس نے کی؟

    Chalo baato baato main is ne apna rate toh bata diya. 😅 🤣 K agar koi banda offer karay toh is say torha ziada ki offer karay.
  15. miafridi

    عمران خان کا نام ای سی ایل پر ڈالا جائے،رانا ثنااللہ کا مطالبہ

    Imran Khan Sharif family ki tarah Bagorha nahi k bhaag jaega, woh bhi fake beemari ki acting kar k.