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    Robbery or Stealing in Gujranwala Jewellery Shop by Women

    If anyone knows these ladies. Contact with the concerned guy.
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    Unfollow hamid mir - 20,000 twitter followers decreased in just few hours

    Because of Anti Pakistan and Anti Army policies. Everyone please Unfollow hamid mir... Spread the message. And use this hashtag #UnFollowHamidMir If you visit social blade website. You can see his followers were 5,869,393 on twitter. Now his...
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    Armies doing commercial businesses includes Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India

    This thread is the answer to those people who are saying that no ARMY in the world do commercial business. They only blame Pakistan ARMY... There are many armies in the world who are doing commercial businesses. Mainly these are those people who hate pakistan ARMY.. They try to defame Pakistan...
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    Update on Interim Govt. bureaucrats???

    Still PML-N supported more than 90% bureaucrats (servants) are working on their positions... WHY interim punjab govt. is silent on these postings??? How free and fair elections can be done under these bureaucrats??? Also no change in the federal like NADRA chairman... PTI should raise his...
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    Update on Nomination Papers of Imran Khan???

    Does any one has update on these?? How many nomination papers of Imran Khan have been rejected and what are the reasons?? How many nomination papers of Imran Khan have been accepted and what are the reasons?? Can imran khan challenge those rejections and go into appeal or resubmit the papers...
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    Get Ready for more organised Campaign against Imran Khan

    Get Ready for more organised Campaign against Imran Khan This time new anchors are going to Join Rauf Klasra and Arshad Sharif... And those anchors who were apparently with Imran Khan will also join RK and AS They will not talk about the poor performance or corruption of sharif family. Their...
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    Block Arshad Sharif and Rauf Klasra from social media accounts

    This is the time to ignore Malick Riaz supported programs like Arshad Sharif and Rauf Klasra Programs... Dont watch their programs on TV or online... Also block (Unfriend, Unfollow) these anchors from social media accounts. I myself block Arshad and Rauf Klasra from social media account...
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    Rauf Klasra Giving Threat on Twitter

    Instead of giving the answer on allegation, now Kalsra is openly giving threat on Twitter... From the last 4 days, he is lying against Zulfi bukhaaari... What about those allegations... Is there any action can be taken against those baseless allegations...
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    This is the main reason of targeting Zulfi on behalf of Malik Riaz

    This is the main reason of targeting Zulfi Bukhari on behalf of Malik Riaz: اصل مسئلہ ہی ملک ریاض کا ہے یہ تو سب کو معلوم ہے کہ ملک ریاض نے کوئی بھی صحافی نہیں چھوڑا جسے عہدہ یا زمین یا رقم یا گاڑی دے کر اس پر احسان نہ کیا ہو چاہے وہ جنگ کا صحافی ہو، اے آر وائی کا ڈان کا.....سب نے ملک ریاض سے...
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    Malik Riaz is supporting ARY?

    Now i understand why ARY suddennly took a uturn on Imran Khan... So Malik Riaz and mafias are behind the campaign against Imran Khan .... And we know that Malik Riaz support Zardari and Nawaz... He will never want Imran Khan to be the PM of Pakistan.. So, now technically all media is against...
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    Article 62, 63 on the hidden marriages of Politicians

    Iftikhar Ch. challenged the nomination papers of Imran Khan... He raised 2 things in that petition: 1- Imran Khan did not declare 3rd kid.. 2- Imran Khan hide the date of nikkah with people of pakistan... If if if if if, above objections are true, then based on this following people will be...
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    Why Can't the VOLUME 10 of JIT be released - Asks Shaheen Sehbai

    I don't know that why Supreme Court is hiding volume 10 from the public.... People has the right to see volume 10
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    3 main Objections on CM-Hassan Askari by PML-N

    PML-N raised 3 Objections on Hassan Askari: حسن عسکری پہ ن لیگ کے 3 اعتراض ۱) پنکچر لگانے کی صلاحیت موجود نہیں ۳۵ ۲) کبھی جاتی امراہ کے دربار میں حاضر نہیں ہوئے۔ ۳) اعلٰی تعلیم یافتہ آدمی وزیرِ اعلٰی کیسے بن سکتا ہے؟
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    KPK Local Election Results

    Plz posts all results here: مانسہرہ:یوسی مہانری،پی ٹی آئی مشتاق4ہزار804 ووٹ لےکرکامیاب،غیرحتمی نتیجہ پشاور:یونین کونسل28ہزارخوانی،تحریک انصاف کےامیدواراکبرنوازپہلےنمبرپر پشاور:ٹاؤن1 سے پی ٹی آئی کے امیدوار شیراحمدپہلے نمبرپر بونیر:پی ٹی آ ئی کے تحصیل امیدوار بختیار علی 3000 ووٹ لیکر کامیاب
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    Will PTI demand an apology from Nawaz Sharif and other parties leaders

    As per JC conclusion elections were fair and clean like Ayan, Zardari and dar. So will PTI demand an apology from PML-N and other parties. Because Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Falur rehman and other parties leaders said that election were not fair. PTI should raise this issue on every talk shows /...
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    Nobody can say that Imran Khan is corrupt: Reply to Unsolicited email to malign PTI

    Admin plz dont merge this thread: Here is the reply of email send to PTI donors.... My reply is to those if these allegations / reports are true...... I don't know that whether these reports are true or not...
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    Our Army and their Snakes

    Nawaz Sharif is the best example of Snake...:biggthumpup::biggthumpup::biggthumpup::biggthumpup:
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    Guess the Nawaz Sharif kid name who got married twice

    Guess the name of Nawaz Sharif kid who got married twice... Nawaz sharif has a kid who got married with well know family.... And then there is a divorce between two... After divorce Nawaz sharif kid again married with another well known personality..... Guess the name :)