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    Great islamic video for kids. Must watch for all family n kids.

    Must watch for kids and family. Pls share this as much as you can and support our daughter and well. Pls subscribe and share . Great work.
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    why dnt we get 'khabar yah hai' show in daily talk shows?????

    Salaam all I just want admins and ppl who upload videos, why dnt u guys upload khabar yah hai from klasra and qazi? one of the better shows these days. we have really horrible shows in the list but not this one. pls include this in your list .
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    No more daily motion videos plsssssss

    Salaam Admins can u pls stop posting videos from daily motion, too may ads, we cant watch the videos any more . i have already sent a private message to SV but of no use pls dnt make us go anywhere esle to watch talk shows. Many Thanks
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    Orya maqbool jaan and Ansar abbasi in Taliban new committee .....

    There was a breaking news on ARY, orya maqbool and ansar abbasi are under consideration for Taliban committee . What are your thoughts on these two new names . I think it's better coz at least they are educated ppl, but I dnt if they wud accept it .
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    Suggestion for PTI: javaid hashmi should lead election campaign now.

    I am of the view kai ab javaid hashmi ko lead karna chayayy rallys from lahore or saray jalsay karay . or imran khan sahab islamabad kai jalsay mai video pay khitab kar saktay hain . screen laga kai skype kai zareyayy ki ja sakti hai. he dsnt need to b thr . but hashmi saab shud lead now and do...
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    Earthquake in Pakistan and Islamabad .

    Allah ham Sab ki apni hifazat mai rakhay . Is ki shidat 6.5 thi. Allah apna raham karay . Ameen اسلام آباد.... شانگلہ، بونیر، سوات ، دیر کے مختلف علاقوں میں زلزلے جھٹکے محسوس محسوس کیے گئے ہیں۔ زلزلہ پیما مرکز کے مطابق زلزلے کی شدت 4.3 ریکارڈ کی گئی ہے۔ زلزلے کے جھٹکے شانگلہ، سوات، دیر ،غذر،...
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    Breaking News: Tahir ul Qadri & the Gov't had an agreement

    Mubarak ho janab Muzakarat kamyab ho gaye Hun bhangray pao lol
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    Breaking News: Basheer Bilour martyred in Peshawar blast - Rest in peace!

    Peshawar blast kills five, several injured including Provincial Minister Bashir Bilour PESHAWAR: Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bashir Ahmed Bilour passed away in Peshawar's Lady Reading Hospital after doctors failed to resuscitate him. He was critically injured in a suicide attack in...
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    Pls sign this petition against anti islamic cartoons and video. Spread the word pls

    Please ask all your friends to go online and sign the petition at We need over 100 000 signatures to bring this debate to the courts, parliaments and the UN. We need to demonstrate an effective strategy in dealing with this awful insult to our...
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    Question for Adeel , pls give us the exact numbers.

    Salaam bhai jaan I wud love to know, how many users use new version in a day or how many use it in a week. Thxxxxxxxxxx
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    Why anchors like kashif and others are inviting Faisal abidi in their shows, need ur opinion .

    Salaam all I just have seen off the record and what I don't understand Is that why are they inviting this stupid and badtameez insaan in their talk shows . Why dnt they all ban him. I do not expect this from kashif and other well known anchors. pls share ur views. Thanks
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    What the hell is going on here. What are the admins doing?

    Admins pls donot merge or delete and reply. let users see .Salam I want to know what are the rules and rights of an admin? Pls explain to me and others Why my thread was moved ? It was my thread , if any admin had any probs and issues than he/she shud have asked me or atleast informed me...
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    Wow, new look I like it

    Nice work siasat team. Thumbs up . Very well done.
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    Admin pls do not merge or modify, assasaay declare karo bhai. Chupo nahi.

    Kioon bhai log? Jab imran khan assasay declare kar sakta hai or inshallah pti ki sari team karay gi. Tou yah hamaray admin bhai kioon nahi. Suna hai Naye moderators chunnay ja rahay hain tou Naye moderators bhi apnay assay declare karain or Waseem or Adeel bhi ( puranay papi lol) .commander ko...
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    Where is Machar bhai jaan? Any news ?

    Salaam , bhai logo Machar jiger Ghayeb hai. Kafee din say, Kisi ko maloom ho tou hamai pls batain. Allah usay apni hifazat mai rakhay or Sab khaireat ho. Might b busy ho . Pls update me. Thx
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    Help kashif abbasi by mailing these addresses, Must do it

    Salaam all. these are the e mail addresses of ppl who can do somthing abt kashif. lets send 100s of e mails to them n make our VOICE LOUD. thx Dr A Q Khan [email protected] Attaul haq qasimi [email protected] Azeem Sarwar [email protected] Dr Furqaan Hameed...
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    how to build Pakistani nation, plz reply

    Asalam O Alakum all, i want to ask all of u to think abt it n talk abt wat r we? i mean as a nation. wat are the basic things which we should do, practice n tell ppl to do? i personally think that in our nation we dnt THANX ppl enuff. we dnt say SHUKAREA very often may b coz we think its gona...
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    Question for PTI members

    Salaam all i am a great fan of Imran khan n member of pti but i wana ask one question why JAAZEE KHAN a KNOWN THUG has been given electoral ticket of PTI,, i am talkin abt NA55 in RWP can any body leme know. i am not gonna support him coz hez KABZA GROUP. thx Allah nigahban
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    Best TV anchor kashif abbasi

    where is kashif gone? no body seems to care abt him or talk abt him. guyz plz raise ur voice so at least we play our part. kashif is an honest person. everybody raise ur voice for him. thx May Allah b with u all