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    Pakistan Is fast becoming Top Muslim Country In The World -Abdul Qadir

    Watch ABdul Qadir Ary Reporter In Prime Minister Office. Abdul Qadiri says Imran Khan has Taken Pakistan to Top muslims countries list watch From 6.50 or full Programme
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    حدیبیہ پیپرکیس: عمران خان کو کونسے نئے ثبوت مل گئے؟

    What new evidence did Imran Khan get? | Decision to reopen Hudaibiya Paper Mills case
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    Poor with minor offence in jails for years, Big Criminals get sameday bails

    Children in Jails with Minor Offences Human Trafficking Big Criminals Get Vip jails and Bails without any problems
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    Sharif's Owners Of LHC, IHC, Enjoying Bails, Medical Abroad, Media Support

    Luxury lives of Sharif family, Come to politics to make money, Move all looted money abroad, get bails within one day, free medical abroad, Get support from Media, Get unlimited support From blind followers and in return give them nothing.
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    Corrupt Nawaz Sharif Loots, Lies, Makes Fake Reports Also Go's Mosque

    Nawaz Sharif will loot you, Lie to You, Cheat You, Make Fake Medial Reports, Make All Intuitions Corrupt and Incompetence But His Heart is Soft and He Go's Mosque To Clear His Weekly Sins. He also wants to Show He Is Good Muslim. Basically Nawaz Sharif Is all rounder like Veru and His friend in...