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    Honour Killing!

    Peshawar: In another case of honor killing, couple shot dead for marrying by choice Source: کاش ایسی غیرت نواز شریف میں ہوتی تو آج فراری جیل میں نہ ہوتی
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    Which Law is followed in So called Islamic country Pakistan?

    Aceh is the only region in the world's biggest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, that imposes Islamic law. Despite international condemnation, whipping is a common punishment for a range of offences in the deeply conservative region on Sumatra island, including gambling, drinking alcohol...
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    Very much relevant to our political system.

    How relevant is this to our political system
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    20 verdicts, 3 months: Pakistan’s first blind judge setting records

    A Slap on Filthy Rotten faces of shameless conscienceless judges and justices who, with their open eyes, support and BAIL OUTcorrupt people
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    موذی مودی اور ہندوستانی انتہا پسندیوں کا منہ کالا

    Reality of Pulwana attack by Freedom Fighters. A Slap on modi's blacken face.
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    Talal Chaudhry Telling The Truth.

    Talal Chaudhry Telling The Truth About Sharif Brothers.
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    Imran Khan Beware of These Culprits

    Same type of threat was given to Tahir ul Qadri before Model Town massacre.Therefore, these culprits should immediately be apprehended before they act.
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    Who is obstruction PTI Government to recall Tauqeer Shah, the main culprit of Model Town Carnage and recall Ali Jahangir from USA Embassy ?
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    کچرا منڈی کے شہزادہ شہزادی

    کچرا منڈی کا ایک شہزادہ کچرا منڈی کی ایک شہزادی کے ساتھ لاہور کے صرف ایک ہسپتال میں کچھ لمحوں کے لیۓ آ کر شوباز اعلی کی تعریف کرتے