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    Imran Khan is a political genius

    From calling for open balloting To the sting operation to expose mall practices in election To calling for vote of no confidence himself To choosing Sanjrani as candidate And to have both Chairman and Deputy Chirman elected. this is what I call a master plan beautifully executed like an...
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    ELECTION COMMISSIONER just said it’s ok to buy politicians to win election

    How absurd that the election commissioner stating it’s ok to buy politicians use money and win, in total disregard of constitution, legal normand any civilised society. the PM didn’t say anything about losing, what he said was, stopping horse trading was election commission responsibility...
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    PMLN Orchestrated the NA75 election Saga

    PLAN 1 They terrorised opposition workers by shooting a few PLAN2 Kidnap a few of the polling staff and the. Blame it on the government. then hue and cry of voting fraud, have their dogs in election commission give verdict in their favour (PMLN only asked for repolling on 20 polling stations...
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    Senators should be directly elected

    Senators in Pakistan should be directly elected. in order to get rid of this horse trading menace, senators must be directly elected.
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    PTI WON NA45 Kurram by polls

    KURRAM: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has won the by-poll in the National Assembly (NA) constituency NA-45-Kurram, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results. According to unofficial results of all 134 polling stations, PTI candidate Malik Fakhar Zaman secured 16,911 votes to win the...