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    Fayyaz Raja about a column by Hamid Mir on Kargil- 04/01/21

    Hear what Hamid Mir said about Kargil back in the day and now what he is saying? Liar Liar! Lifafa!
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    Kazi Family can sue Dar in England?!

    I am wondering why is it not possible for the Kazi family in England to sue Ishak Dar for the wrongful use of their passports and causing them to suffer emotional trauma and defamation? If such is possible then Ishak Dar will not have peace even in England and indirectly Sharif family will also...
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    100 Beurocrats cost 100 crore annually!!

    Mind-boggling figures and negative performance of the Civil Service/Bureaucracy!! Have a listen and feel the anger!
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    Undermentioned is the email address of the supreme court of Pakistan. I just emailed them and hope others will join in this cause. [email protected]
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    Kash main Isa key baitee hotee!

    Daughters of mothers murdered by police in broad day light in 2014 are now wishing "Kaash main Isa key baitee hotee!" But of course Honorable Supreme Court, Honorable judges of the Supreme court and High court are far, far above the level of a common citizen wishing for justice. How dare the...
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    Raja Fayyaz-Detailed comparison of Bhutto,Nawaz sharif and PMIK!

    This is a very informative video about real facts. Do take a listen.
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    Vakeel karain ya Judge??

    Now after the decision given by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in favor of KFI and his wife, providing them the protection from accountability raises few questions in my mind BUT the most important of those is I am thinking now if a judge can not be held accountable by FBR and...
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    Oh Look!! The King is naked!!

    Hear, hear! hear ya all! Today we all found out that our king is not wearing any clothes!! Kings of all! the interpreters of the law, those who are to uphold the mantle of justice have provided an excellent, impartial unique, pure and highest level of justice to the people of Pakistan by...
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    Model Town case & Legal system

    The rivers Kazi Faiz Isa and his wife have cried over their love for the country and concern for the common man in Pakistan would have been justified if Kazi and his wife had raised a single squeak about the Model town massacre. If they had stated that the Model Town massacre case should be...
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    How Bharatis view Pak-Iran relationship.

    Some parts of the narrative in this video will help us understand what false information is being fed to the Bharati public.
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    Faiz Isa & Farogh Naseem

    If any learned member can explain to me why is it that Farogh Naseem had to Resign from his position as a minister when he represented the government in SC last year? On the other hand, Kazi Faiz Isa is presenting his own case without resigning from the position of a Justice of SC? I have a...
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    My questions to Engineer M.Ali Mirza on his TLP Video.

    I have sent Engineer M.A. Mirza sahib an e-mail, text is as follows: Statement--1, You said that BB's assassination resulted in a lot of violence but PPP was not declared Kaladam? Sir PTI was not in government at the time and it is highly non-intellectual and biased to try to mix the two...
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    Good news series

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    PIA Crew and Fasting restrictions is good decision.

    I think it is a good decision by the government to restrict Fasting for the crew in PIA. This restriction should be extended to medical staff in hospitals also. I think our Ulema need to give Fatva on this issue to clarify how to follow up on this critical issue. Options to complete the Fasts in...
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    Females in Pakistan jails.

    All females in jails who need to take care of their parents, or children or grandparents MUST be allowed to go home and take care of them Just like Maryam Nawaz Sharif was allowed. Human rights activists and Lawyers should petition for those females suffering only because they are not rich like...
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    Sugar Mafia-important development.

    Wives & daughters are involved by the men of the Mafia, so all those ladies should blame their male family members for dragging their names through the mud.