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  1. Yetti

    جب تپڑ نہیں تھا تو گرفتاری کا پنگا کیوں لیا ؟

    Yes, but TLP was not accepting any term and condition of Govt. But, now they have reached at some mutual agreement.
  2. Yetti

    جب تپڑ نہیں تھا تو گرفتاری کا پنگا کیوں لیا ؟

    Very good strategy from Govt. They put pressure on TLP and arrested their leaders and workers and told that they are going to cancel their ID cards and passports. After that TLP is now came back to negotiation table otherwise they were not ready for negotiations. Govt is not at war with its own...
  3. Yetti

    The mystery of Raiwind palace ownership

    Yes, now NS should show the receipts of his Raiwind palace, as IK has already shown money trail of Bani Gala house. This is going to be the beginning of the end of Sharif Dynasty.
  4. Yetti

    عمران خان کا اصل جرم! انصار عباسی

    Good, yeah kbhi kabhi achi baat bhi ker leta hai.
  5. Yetti

    میں تو دوست تھا، دشمنی کی طرف کیوں دھکیل رہے ہو،جہانگیرترین

    This is a tricky game and NS and Zardari are behind this to create rifts within PTI. PTI should do everything wisely first they do actions against proven culprits NS and Zardari then they should come after their own party members. IK should play this game wisely. This may prove fatal for PTI...
  6. Yetti

    احمق عمران خان ابھی بھی آس لگا کر بیٹھا ہے

    IK said that 1000 billion dollars laundered collectively from the third world to developed countries, not from PK only. So, your whole article is baseless.
  7. Yetti

    مریم نواز۔۔ مستقبل کی وزیراعظم پاکستان

    Bahut achay, zameen ko aasman se mila diya. Kahan oxford ka parha likha IK aur iss ka vision aur kahan yeah 3rd grade student jo graduation bhi sifrish per kee. If you listen to IK you can easily say that an intellectual and visionary person is talking and when you listen to Maryam you can...
  8. Yetti

    ہزارہ کے لوگوں کا احسان

    IK made the correct decision. IK accepted their all demands and also told to burry them and then he will come. This is a very sane proposition. Only insane people can delay the burrial of dead people and devil like Maryam Safdar told them to continue to sit on for 100 days.
  9. Yetti

    ایسا آدمی آپ کو کہیں نہیں ملے گا

    Where are N league and PPP on Model Town incident. Who will give justice to them. Both parties are hypocrites. Unlike MT incident, Mach is solely a terrorist attack. Hundreds of people got killed in such attacks but nobody said that they will not bury the dead bodies. Both parties are playing...
  10. Yetti

    خود یہ بچہ بلاول منہ میں چوسنی لئے، پمپر لگائے لیڈر بن بیٹھاہے، شہبازگل

    Bravo, tuuun k rakho innn siyasi jokers ko. Awaam ko pagal bnaya hua hai inn logo ne. wasiay Awaam ne jo haal PDM ka kiya hai it seems that they are awakened and now nobody can befool them.
  11. Yetti

    اپوزیشن کو نئے سرے سے ماحول بنانا ہوگا، سہیل وڑائچ

    Mashallah, IK is far intelligent and visionary than these lunday k danishwars and politicians IK starts from there where their thinking gets stop. IK is giving surprises to them everyday and will continue it. 11 parties including Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam Safdar, Hamza, Bilawal, Asid...
  12. Yetti

    مریم نواز موٹروے ریسٹ سٹاپ پر اپنی نواسی سرینہ کے لئے شاپنگ کرتے ہوئے

    Laanat hai iss per. Iss ki London tao kiya Pakistan mein bhi koi property nhi hai.
  13. Yetti

    Shehbaz Gill defends PM Imran's Bani gala house regularization by CDA

    Bravo, tuuun k rakhoooooooooooooooo
  14. Yetti


    Same thing is happening in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Rape case ratio is higher in sex free countries as compared to Pakistan. Pakistan population is 40 times more than Norway and young people ratio is also more than Norway. People are more educated in Norway as compared to Pakistan but still...
  15. Yetti

    Fachhochschule University in Haripur is all set for inauguration...

    Amazing, these are the things that should have been done15-20 years ago. Kheir, now PK is on right track.
  16. Yetti

    JI Ex-MPA Arshad Baggu says Khwaja Asif is a Qadyani agent

    Off course, a qadyani or a non muslim can say such thing. Kh. Asif is a lowlife thug.
  17. Yetti

    PM Office releases video, highlights diplomatic successes of Imran Khan

    This video brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Inshallah, Pakistan will rise and shine. IK has put Pakistan on the right path.
  18. Yetti

    نیب قانون میں رعایت دینا عمران کی 24 سالہ جدوجہد پر پانی پھیرنا ہوگا- شاہین

    IK is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. He is always ready for mid term elections but will try his best to avoid it. Hopefully there will not be any need of mid term elections.